Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"no homo just in case.."

Fuck what you've watched.. this is THE no homo vid.


mOndaR thoughts

Let the hilarity ensue..


mOndaR thoughts
that moment can only be challenged by the best moment in fresh prince.

so it IS because i'm black

Being Black In America- Women
All the parts are included in the're welcome

Yesterday, spent a large amount of my day watching this documentary by CNN..

[siderbar] "me love you longtime" if anyone from the U.S can upload the kanYe x MTV doc on War heroes...

[guess he's only working with those bastards, when it benefits the needy]

The CNN doc talks about everything, the inevitable, food habits, prison, education.. watch now

Being Black In America- Men

moNdar thoughts..
I didn't know
D. L. Hughley was a blood.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"on the cover of Fader.."

Scrolling through Fader site, i noticed the current issue, clearly an Automatic Cop..
Regret not getting the one with Lupe when i saw it in borders.


mONdaR thoughts
Just Watched"Grandma's Boy" weed/boobs/jonah hill looking fatter AND video games.. u gotta watch.

Big Munny.. Big Money

Whats the difference?!

Like the concept Mr.Beatz and he's working with Pixar?! That's crazy.. didn't expect to find myself looking forward to a Swizz Beats video...

Oh and in case you didn't know..

Munny: The greatest D.I.Y toy "in the worrlllddd"


moNDar thoughts..
day 4 of not seeing dark knight..
IMAX tkts booked for August 4th
must stay strong...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thug Justified: Latarian Milton

Why must this kid be soo gangsta.. i mean there's gangsta, and then there's ..

Latarian "Hood Rat" Milton..

I believe that's his middle name legally.

Think the news station is actually stalking the kid, 'cause they have regular updates on the dood.. Personally i don't mind.. 7 years old and already got the internets on lock..
i appluad this young renegade..


MondaR thoughts
.... STILL haven't watched Dark Knight.. Day 1

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tees are the new magazines covers

Mad offensive Obama magazine covers are so last year.. these days it's all about Mad offensive Obama tees..

Jacked from Pete & Ciph show..& Pic

Story relating to the tee is some broad was rocking it down the skreets of N.Y & got beaten up for doing so.. too right..

Personally, I would have gone for the more righteous method and burnt the t-shirt, whilst she was wearing it.. but seriously.. Violence is bad kids.. but in cases like this, horrah for violence...

Still think this one is worse...

mONDaR thoughts
Must watch Dark Knight tonight.. repeat..
Must watch Dark Knight tonight.. repeat..
Must watch Dark Knight tonight.. repeat..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girls treat me like Jordan's...

"They Always Have Their Tongue out.."
Skillz Mad Skillz cicra '95


Where's the good hip-hop albums this year?!

Last year at this point:

  • We got some new Common & Kweli,
  • Anticipating Hov's latest,
  • Ye & Curtis were about to beef it out,
  • A UGK album..
  • '06:- Idelwild
need i say more?

Ok, if i must..

  • Dilla,
  • Gnarls Barkley,
  • ROSSSSSSSSSSSS [yes i just put Dilla and Ricky in the same sentence.. and WHAT] and
  • a Luda album that i actually listened to since i passed on his last.

This year has been a bit.. well its been shite so far.. Apart from Nas & The Martian.

Common- Invincible Summer.. changed to Invincible Autumn

Busta- Got it worse, released two tracks, both bangers, good videos, months later no album..
No wonder he was talking greasy to his boss.. OH and then THIS:-

Lets forget about T.I for a moment, that R & B record i heard from him.. -5 rep points..

Some of these artists need to develop some balls, still scared to release their own shit on the internets:

The Facts:
- Your Album is gonna be leaked..
- Regardless, Its STILL possible to sell records when it happens..
[case in point-:Got Leaked/Went Gold]

What I am trying to say in an overly elongated way, Artists need to leak their albums more... then everyone is happy..


mOndaR thoughts
YESS.. I believe he's back, the Guy Richie we all know and love [pre-banging madge] Also features some my fav.doods in the biznass

First time for everything..

I think i may be buying my first John Legend album when this drops..
and this is coming from a guy that finds R & B verry borrrring...

Classics/Old ish, can't hate but any new records.. BAH.. could never listen, let alone buy an album..

Swear to my "grand mamas daughter" the only R & B album in my collection is parally Ashanti's debut album and that was only copped during my "Murda I.N.C" phase.

The Maturation ofJohn Legend


-That guy who sings on 'Ye's [good] mixtape tracks..

[sidebar: "Home" > "Homecoming" C.M compared to Legend when it comes to being soulful.. ha
no contest]

-The guy that played piano on "Encore"

- John whatshisface.. you know he's on every track kanye's on..

- John Legend.. Oh.. he's good, he's on a track with Estelle

-Wait, Legend signed Estelle?! Big Dog..

-To now, where he is the label running, video featuring, dood he is..


and that people was an accurate view of J.L's career.. if you're thinking otherwise you gotta be his biographer


mondar thought..
Did i slip into an alternative universe whilst sleeping, Dark Knight getting the #1 spot on IMDB.. is crazy..
crazy as in "WTF! A dog is driving a car" not as in crazy. thats crazy kewl

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fuckery continues..

Am I missing something?

Did Jay get so much love from Manchester that he gave them a 'Ye x Hov performance TWICE


Is it just a coincidence that 'Ye's timetable had him at the show.. whichever..

If I don't see a Hov & 'Ye performing on stage in LDN, I'm going to take that shit personal.. foreals


mONdAR Thought
is it weird to ask my sis what pic she wants the media to use if she got stabbed?! personally, think it's thoughtful..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Illest Post Evaaarr

Why? Do i say this you ask..

Read on

First, i'm walking down to work and i see this on the road..

Now i know what you're thinking, that's ILL right?! In the " ..thats fooking rank" but LOOK at at that fun-loving squirell all flatten up.. R.I.P to the little guy..


Second ill sight not so dreadful, Watched WALL-E today.. sooo ILL.. Review on soon..

All i'll say is if you don't watch this movie then might as well donate your eyes and ears to someone who will use it effectively..



Thirdly, Walking out of the cinema feeling satified with the money spent, I see this on the floor..

FIRRSST, i thought.. Is that a viral Coke ad?? then i thought naa.. Coke-Cola are not that smart.. then i looked again and it said "I LOVE Liz.." Unless thats skreets for Coke, i think it was a love note.

Now if i was a girl, my first thought would have been "thats soo cuutte" since my pants say different, i thought it was the best "graffti" i've seen in a long while.. last time was at this event.

The url for the blog is randomlondonthoughts, so i thought i'll add this piece onto my future posts..

MoNdAr Thought...

Today, i tried booking tickets for Dark Knight, foolishly believing the hype wouldn't have caused sold-out tickets at IMAX.. so wrong!!! Most days are sold-out, if not that they only have crappy seats avaliable.. Is it crazy to book tickets to watch Dark Knight at 2:30 am with friends?!!
I wonder


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I usually won't post something that every major blog will post.. but i had to with this one.. It's too darn good..

Reminds me of the Selfish video.. also featuring Mr.Bentley


Lupe Fiasco @ Somerset House


Sorry about that.. that was the fanboy in me breaking-out, been looking forward to see Lu' live since..

**insert ultra nerdy fact about how early i was with lupe**

As with the Wireless Fest, being early was a must..

Only this time brought this little thing with me..

The knowledge on LDN is slacking but its getting better during the summer, still had no idea where Somerset House was, hence getting super early to "find" the place, and also resulting in front-row status... CHEA!!


Once i was in & the show started quality of the pics went dowwwnnn, i mean the skills are okay for taking pics at shows.. BUT I must have fucked up the settings somehow, anyhoo..

A bunch of medi-core pics but trust it was a noice show.. the videos, not too bad though..apologies Luckily it was streamed online.. so here it is...
Props to lupEND



"Intro to Daydreams"


Sarah Green [looking fine as usual]

Santos, 1500's [The Band].. everyone on point.

I'm just pissed he didn't do"Little Weapon" OR "American Terrorist " apart from that, worth the dosh..
In conclusion, YOU FAIL!!

If you didn't get to the show, sure we didn't get any major announcements like this [siderbar- Rumour is it's being filmed in LDN.. and NO i didn't make that up]
but the crowd was siccckk and the venue is really noice..


Friday, July 11, 2008


...for having the only kicks i care about this year... early.. then taking a bunch of pics of them..

The worst thing is the Jordan Pack doesn't have a UK release, so that means get raped by re-sellers on eBay-- [Never Me]


Getting a hook-up from the U.S of A

Either way, apart from the IV's, and those Kaws AF1's which i consider a lost kaws [sorry] probably only being released in New York.

What else can you really look forward to?!

Air Yeezy's? Crazy Overpriced High-Tops? More Retro's?

I try to keep the fashion talk to a minimum, but i will say this:

i remember listening to a WeeklyDrop [R.I.P] podcast

siderbar: The internets is missing a good street wear podcast..

Think it was Steven Vogel talking about trends and how in Japan everyone has started dressing down & going back to basics, this was 2-3 years ago?!

As always, the Japanese hardly get it wrong..

Extra: Interview with Steven Vogel


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just got back from doing the 1st run of a mission i like to call..

"Watch all the good movies in the cinema this summer"

well, if you can think of a better name.. i'll like to hear it

Today, i watched Hancock - review is up on right now..


The Forbidden Kingdom [review coming soon/maybe] - the one with Jet Li and Jackie Chan Jackie Chan & Jet Li

Watching 2 movies after doing any strenuous activity for a long period of time is not very smart..
Results in unnecessary tiredness and great amounts of hunger..

Next run- WALL-E and Hulk [hearing good things about both movies]


"Eat That Shit"

If you didn't know.. GET TO FRICKKIN KNOW.. NOWW

Internets Celebrities are the only guys making good videos on the internets these days.. yeah i said it.. apart from him, him, him, oh definetly these doods and can't forget this dood..

Dallas & Raf are on point always, dare I say from day 1.. so if you do enjoy these vids and are willing to put a bit of dosh to a damn good cause...

I know i will soon enough.

I have no idea how Raf keeps a semi-straight face in these videos.. deserves a round of applause just for that.

Check out the instant classics- Ghetto Big Mac, Checkmate and Cereal is Dope

No i ain't giving you the links to the videos...lazy bastards
^too harsh?!


p.s- watch out for the Tropical Tv project.. we are movin

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3 Three 3 mix: Curtisss: I GET MONEY

^apologies for that..dreadful sight for any eyes

Circa June'07, this track was the hip-hop track for everyone.. YES everyone!

Initially I hated.. money spent on an album which doesn't deliver can make this happen..

[we all make mistakes right?!?]

Going after Ja for singing then singing... tut tut, just one of the reasons Curtis gets no more respek from me..

With Cam'ron doing his collection of funny videos on the dood.. the hate didn't disappear..

BUT the Remixes got me to like this track, even when Curtis was doing "good" tracks [to his standards these days] everyone murdered him on this beat.. especially Ludacris
[sidebar: the most underrated rapper to this current day, he's so consistant it hurts]


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


For some reason, my computer has been doing some fuckery activities of lately... so I guess the inevitable has happen for me to consider upgrading or throwing the piece of sheet away..



Got the alert from a friend that he had some Bun & Cheese in his house yard obviously i had to quit whatever i was doing and head out there..

I had no idea what B & C was till i was in secondary school and was talking to a couple of Jamaican friends about BBQ's.. initially thought it was a Hamburger Bun and Cheese.. & left it as that thinking it was some ghetts snack..

Actually it's some kind of loaf of Bread with Cheese.. so yeah, it's some ghetts snack..

AND as usual any snack from the skreets taste noice...

I just scratch the surface when it comes to Jamaican food, i mean the fact 101% of Jamaicans pronounce Plantain.. Plaintin [siderbar- it's pronounced plan-t-a-i-n, GET IT RIGHT]
Thats almost annoying enough for me to say fuck Caribbean food.. almost..


Monday, July 7, 2008

Reggae Reggae Sauce x Subway

I bought one bottle of Reggae Reggae Sauce and from my memory it wasn't appalling.. defintely didn't throw up from eating some of it.. so gets a pass from me.

Thinking about it the guy done too well,

All from a BBC 2 show featuring weirdos with dumb ideas...

Congrats to Mr.Roots and all his future ventures.. he's major..

Yes, I just made a post about a sandwich

Update: The sandwich it self is 3.49 so i recommend you get a friend and split the price and buy a footlong.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Jay-Z & Others @ 02 Wireless Festival

"What a difference a day makes, Twenty-Four little hours.."

With the recent happening of me being late, i went to Hyde Park extra early.. so early it was me 6 other people and the glorious sun..

Oh, i spoke too soon..

After some hours [ or what felt like it], others arrived..


I had no idea how many people went to this show but talking to one of the stewards he said it didn't sell that much, compared to some other shows, to be fair the other show at Hyde Park was the one with d Police last UK performance & also had John Mayer.

Looking back I was frikkin' glad i went early, look at that shit.. earliness FTW!!

First on stage.. COOOOOLLLL KIDS

SMH @ the "cool kids" that parally knew the tracks but wasn't showing love.. killed it for the first artist on the main stage
*Due to the Hypeness of Lethal Bizzle's set, No pictures were taken *

My respect for Bizzle +2 points..

Getting bottled probably stepped his game up.. good for him.

Note to self:

Do not mosh in a Bizzle gig, jumping into grown doods may lead to a heart attack...


Next was K-A.. at the tent
Didn't watch the whole set though, Hot Chip was on at the same time..

Met p.g aka Professor Grrreeeeeennnn at the tent..

The main stage was shite for at least 2 hours.. until Hot Chip came on, It rained like crazy before that so anyone playing on the main stage "got air like nike"

It was fate i tells ya, 'cause as soon as we finished watching Kano, ran to the main stage to see Hot Chip and the sun literally busted out.. [n.h]

Props to the Sun God for that one..

Wish it was longer set though was 40 min, no longer than that.. and had to start and stop the show due to technical difficulties.. initiating the inevitable Boo's...

There was No "Wrestlers", "Don't Dance" OR "Made in The Dark" not even the "Wearing My Rolex rmx"

Big Doods coming up now.. Big Dog #2

Marky Mark x Noice Band even including some strings..

3rd Best surprise of the festival was Kenna performing with Ronson, i didn't realize it was him until he was jumping onto some of the scaffolding stuff..
For his first UK appearance, his swagger was on point & had a good performance..

2nd Best surprise of the whole festival was Lily Allen performing, wearing crazy leopard tights.. one of the highlights of the festival??!! i believe so..

Best surprise was Wiley performing with Ronson, which was surprising since Hot Chip remix of "Wearing my rolex" would have been better.. still Wiley killed it as usual..


Big Dog #1


By the time Hov got on stage,

  • Some waste guys behind me where trying to pushing me forward..
  • I had to struggle to not hit people whilst putting my hands up and I'm not that tall
  • Getting doses of beer from flying bottles aint too sweet
and after all that nons, it was still worth it..

The fact that he didnt play his Glasto set was SO important, he definitely added more grimey tracks for the fans, "You Don't Know" & "What More Can I Say" comes to mind..

enough talk.. more pics.. Got a noice view.. maybe 3 rows from the front-row.