Monday, July 7, 2008

Reggae Reggae Sauce x Subway

I bought one bottle of Reggae Reggae Sauce and from my memory it wasn't appalling.. defintely didn't throw up from eating some of it.. so gets a pass from me.

Thinking about it the guy done too well,

All from a BBC 2 show featuring weirdos with dumb ideas...

Congrats to Mr.Roots and all his future ventures.. he's major..

Yes, I just made a post about a sandwich

Update: The sandwich it self is 3.49 so i recommend you get a friend and split the price and buy a footlong.



Ginger Kid said...

if i had the money i would go out and get one now.


Elijah said...

wow im gona get this 2moro and review it on lol

Anonymous said...

aaw, I REALLY would like to know what is up with the chicken-chunks! They tastoe sooo god.