Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NO sir/madam..

...I have not abandon my child, once i get everything up & running..

I'll be back in biznass..


mondar thoughts
that dosent sound like gibberish right... right?!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

fo reall...

I got a bunch of pics i need to upload from Trading Places III, but in the meanwhile my boy [none] at ATCN, gotcha with a couple of pics.. oh and if you somehow have my facebook i got most of the pics there..

mondar thougghts..
to tell the truth..\
drunk thats the reason
its not on here yet.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OH NO YOU DIDN'T [no jerry springer]

After watching this for the 10th time, i decided this is my favourite ad this year and its for a game that's prally shite & I thought the ad with a Thunderbird clowin' was the shit..

You get more catchy ish with the full song..

First you tried to trap me
Then you bust a cap in, my ass
Oh no you didn't
Such humiliation will bring annihilation, at last
Oh no you didn't


mondAr thoughts
japanese bug fights.. surprisingly interesting.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"With so many different flows.."

".. this ones for this song"

I mean, what did you expect?!

When Lupe lost his father and other family members we got "The Cool" clearly wayy darker than F & L

Personally, i don't mind THIS track it's not like every track on the album is gonna be like this, people forget that the first track we heard from "Graduation" was "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

It reminds me of "Family Business" , "Roses" even "Goodnight" on his last album, he's got tracks like this on every album, i admit these tracks are my less favourite tracks but people gone crazy writing off the album already..

tsk tsk.. bet the naysayers will be jamming to this in a months time...

Edit: Told ya doods & doodette, Vocoder will be on the 4th album..its the way things gotta be

mondAr thoughts
the audience at VMAS clearly were on some sleeping pills.. so quiet.
americans probably hate change, could explain why bush was at the white house for so long

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nardwar - Music Knowledge = Holy Moly

Holy Moly

SMH @ Kano wearing those hooded scarves.. Dipset still that influential?!

If you've never heard of Nardwar, do yourself a favour and check out his Youtube channel... spent 2 hours there when i heard about the guy, he's too much... watch all the interviews he does with Snoop.. truly hilarious... Here's the classic one where he makes Purpbag P speechless..


mondAr thoughts
Trading Places 3.. big

Saturday, September 6, 2008

You're forgiven semtex...

no reason...

Eventhough the stupidly sick DJ Semtex DIDN'T play "Love Lockdown", he did kinda make up for it by playing lots of 'Ye during the show and today apparently going to have a G.O.O.D music mix which will prally be fire.

I was going to watch the VMA's 'cause Russel Brand is hosting.. [siderbar: yes he's funny... if you think otherwise "fuck you and your fat mother"] but now i gotta make an appointment to watch it..

'Ye once again somehow having "World Premiere's" in this day in age

I bet the vocoder makes an appearance on the new track & lord willin' we hear some strings before i start rambling..

Edit: Props to kanyelive.. Footage of a new kanYe track called Heartless.. skip to the 5min mark to hear it


mondaR thoughts
semtex yesterday made it sound like it's going to be another classic.. damn
4 good albums in a row?! i don't see him doing more than 5 though and thats coming from a kanYe stan.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It is..

Yes doods & doodets, it's film..

Fuck Tottenham..


mondAr thoughts
"everybody hates chris" is surprisingly funny.. but you would never go out of your way to watch it..t, but if you pass by it channel hopping.. you're gonna watch.. "malcom in the middle" is the same.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Kanye performing @ Nike Human Race LA

maybe i should have said its something new.. you've prally seen a video of the same track, this is longer..

Who knows if it's from the CRS project or A Good Ass Job [kanYe's next album with a long ass title] here's hoping he does the whole thing at the 02 in November..

Oh and since i'm posting some 'Ye news.. A fan-made vid of "S.L.U"


mondar thoughts
LA get 'ye & LDN get moby... yup thats fair