Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lupe Fiasco @ Somerset House


Sorry about that.. that was the fanboy in me breaking-out, been looking forward to see Lu' live since..

**insert ultra nerdy fact about how early i was with lupe**

As with the Wireless Fest, being early was a must..

Only this time brought this little thing with me..

The knowledge on LDN is slacking but its getting better during the summer, still had no idea where Somerset House was, hence getting super early to "find" the place, and also resulting in front-row status... CHEA!!


Once i was in & the show started quality of the pics went dowwwnnn, i mean the skills are okay for taking pics at shows.. BUT I must have fucked up the settings somehow, anyhoo..

A bunch of medi-core pics but trust it was a noice show.. the videos, not too bad though..apologies Luckily it was streamed online.. so here it is...
Props to lupEND



"Intro to Daydreams"


Sarah Green [looking fine as usual]

Santos, 1500's [The Band].. everyone on point.

I'm just pissed he didn't do"Little Weapon" OR "American Terrorist " apart from that, worth the dosh..
In conclusion, YOU FAIL!!

If you didn't get to the show, sure we didn't get any major announcements like this [siderbar- Rumour is it's being filmed in LDN.. and NO i didn't make that up]
but the crowd was siccckk and the venue is really noice..



Anonymous said...

I was gutted I didn't go to this, I'm working right next door to Somerset House at the moment, and kept walking through there at dinner time,etc.. hoping to see sound checkin' or something, I couldn't go as I had other plans!!

It's funny because from reading your other posts I wasn't surprised to see you there that early, I was half expecting to see you wandering around when I went to get my lunch!!lol

Sarah Green did look dope too!!

Silverjade said...

Lol I was right behind you. You were the one waving a skateboard at kick push...nice touch lol.

Lupe rocked...he is amazing live. So much energy, loved his style, band was great.

The crowd seemed into it. You have a pic on your blog of a white guy in a grey hat and 2 girls. They were right next to me and didnt even nod their head, smile, clap...nothing!! Shame on you, why come!


kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

Yeah,i try :D

Allow that wasteman flex, scared to have fun at a gig.. tut tut..

Ginger Kid said...

I'm jealous. To be fair, you did keep telling me to buy a ticket. So I'm not gonna blame you, I will blame my pocket for not having any money in it to buy a ticket. FUCKING POCKET!

And props for waving a skateboard during kick-push.
Your big dog.