Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Asher Roth First UK Show

Seems like the only time i post here is when there's a new Hip-Hop show i wanna see, i'll get back to the usual random posting once exams are over.. anyways..

Notting Hill


The man will be performing next month and i gotta say, i'm hella excited.. hopefully he plays a few mixtape tracks since i've been bumping that since i got it..

Try and make the show, as we all know [or you may not] Asher brings the ladies out :D

Personally, me and g.k have planned to get drunk and loudly karaoke each of his songs.. gonna be fun


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

UKNOWBIGSEAN.... right?!

It's been a long wait.. but the mixtape is going to be out very soon... if you've been sleeping on B.Sean and concentrating on the others.. wake up bitch everyone knows

Big Sean > CuDi

He killed this freestyle.. and the track with Mr.H "Way Out"

The biggest pisstake is people comparing him to Drizzy, seeing as this mixtape been finished for a while and they don't have that much in common apart from the shit they rap about..

The flow, the steez, everything else is pretty much different..
That being said.. i'll wait till i hear the mixtape before saying..
Big Sean > Drake..

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watching some good ol' lost.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slightly busy..

ttv crew
Originally uploaded by Mr.Londoner
with actual school work and doing some tropical tv stuff..


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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


the sky may fall..

dood is crazy.. who knew he blessed camden with that piece?

muto 2

muto 3

mmm.. peri-peri salt eh?
peri-peri chips??
mad late on it, but mos defintely worth the extra 10p even in these hard recession times

peri peri chips

the craze

check G.K's interview in the current rwd..
that's if you can find one.. bigs up to Hattie Collins and the team..

you check the Tropical TV blog right???!

hey its that kid

Check out the plastics

Only cards you need...


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reasons why jada remains in my top.10 DOA

Hypnotic Underground

I love this band, and i missed them when they performed in London earlier this year..
sucks for me.


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got my wallet.. yess
no more lose change in my pockets.. no sir

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Ish..


Lego Building..

Graff Clowns

hot salt beef..

Hot Salt Beef sandwich > Your fav.sandwich


mmm.. Choclate barrr

what to choose?

It's being broughten..


strawberry..'twas good.. :D
£2.50 price tag = :-(


mondar thoughts
we missed ya marshall

Wireless Festival '09.. more announced

so it goes like this..

Young Jeezy
Kid CuDi

Flo Rida

All performing at Wireless Fest @ Hyde Park..

It's gonna be another big one.. don't sleep..

Buy Now
Buy them £40 tickets, closer to the date they sell the tickets for some crazy prices..


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q-tip on stage.. wow..
you wait 10 years for 1 gig, then 2 come along

Monday, April 6, 2009

New DATE: Wayne x CuDi - Hammersmith Apollo

When i found out i couldn't get standing tickets for the 7th July gig [i mean who wants seated tkts these days?] i was pissed.. which suprised me 'cause i know Weezy can't be that good live.. regardless.. was pissed..

Thankfully, due to Phenomenal Fhenomenal demand..

A new date been added..
HMV Hammersmith Apollo
Tue 7 Jul 2009
Buy Now

and don't be dissapointed if when you hear kanYe jumps on stage with the dood.. i mean they are performing in LDN around the same week..

Don't sleeeppp


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sunny weather + a shit load of work to do = less blogging