Sunday, January 25, 2009


i got some "nice" friends....

subscription to TIME = great b'day present

time to catch up.. pun intended..

impossible things to do with a broken wrist..



mondaR thoughts
danyelliot fav podcast of the yr so far

Thursday, January 22, 2009

mm.. internets hiatus

good wrist

bad wrist

wrist kinda got fuucckkked up in football training... or gay rugby as g.k calls it..

see ya when it gets better...and can actually type with 2 hands...


mondar thoughts

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jay-Z performinng "History"

crazy.. around 2 million people went to the inauguration

For the first time.. at Neighbourhood inauguration ball

kanYe doing his medley at one of the inauguration balls..

mondaR thoughts
mustard really is underrated..

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Their president is black.."


Telling ya.. only Hov could perform a new song and get a reaction like that..


monDar thoughts
bah.. waiting till
13 feb for Notorious is loong

Saturday, January 17, 2009

MAN LIKE ME- Single Dad

I heard a few songs from the collective myspace last year and remembered it was good ish..

gotta love the dance on 2:40

Check this vid as well..

Props to WDIR
mondaR thoughts
how come no one cares about..
young jeezy x terry richardson
but when its weezy x terry richardson
thats a different story..

Friday, January 16, 2009

dallas penn does it again..

This dood gets so many mentions on the blog, simply because of the greatness..

Other internet vloggers stay losing*

*apart from rosenberg..

mondar thoughts
i really do wonder how
bobby runs a label
and blogs good ish so regularly..
boggles the mind

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"you know you done fucked up right."

The new version of "I Get It In" is wayy over-produced..

Dre should have left it.. really should have..


mondar thoughts
"thats the one.. oi!"

some late ones..

there's always one batch of rolls i forget to process.. this is the batch..

trading places 4?!
not sure.



mondar Thoughts
i read on semtex twitter
cudi may get that no.1 spot.. doopee

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Japanese go hard..

At a first glance, i was surprised then i was like.. naa..

Japanese don't play around with their subcultures, whether it be:
  • Hip-Hop,
  • Streetwear
  • or in this case Dancehall..

One day i'll get to travel to that crazy land, which amazes me so much.. one day


mondar Thoughts
no drinking ...
feels goood.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Stunt 101 w/ kanYe x cudi x don.c

the fact that kanYe only talks in Con's vlogs when peeps are stuntin' is only expected from the man



mondAr thoughts
meh on 'ye's vuitton's..

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I thought to myself today, have i blessed my readers with some classic youtube videos lately.. and the question was sadly no..

Enjoy people..


oh and there's some movie being released about a notoriously known rapper, being released on 16th Jan.. it's being notoriously advertised everywhere but i can't remember the name of the movie..

His Appearance in Martin [HIGHLY overrated show..]

moNdAR thoughts
ultimate lazyness =
tv shows showing youtube vids

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tyler The Creator- ODD FUTURE mixtape

a quick/funny view of the mind which is Tyler The Creator..

Being a member of the hypecrew, i've seen him post his music and been a fan ever since i visted his myspace
shit is too good also got a few friends on him.. [none] we all agree this guy is the future..



mondAr thoughts
i actually like commons
new album

dallas penn- Computer ♥

Feel the same Dallas, the mac gets a noice rubdown every night..
once again d.p making internet classics..

mondaR thoughts
"awww man.."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

random fats x g.k thoughts

video blog posts should be the thing for '09..
Fats x G.K = Morcambe x Wise
Fats x G.K = Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor
*serious face*


that burger looks damn satisfying..
**continues to eat noodles...**


mondAr thoughts
listening to radio 4
we cultural in this biatch..

How the..

..hell did i play that much GTA continuously.. wowzars and i can't even finish this damn game..

yes i suck.. but i will owN you ass in Halo 3.. don't get it twisted..


mondAr thoughts
dont let that twitter spam get ya!!..
twitter = '08 facebook

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

double-o = lol

worth watching just for what happens at the 12min mark oh & jen the pen.. if you're into her.
personally meh
Apparently that new Big Sean mixtape - UKNOWBIGSEAN.. is dropping soon.
won't count on it though, it was suppose to drop in the summer, then got delayed to December..


monDar thoughts
mad funny.

Revenge Of The..

Billy Ocean > M.J
word to Tonya

back at uni and my room is in a lovely mess.. made only worse by me bringing more shit into it..

I later hear that, the kitchen was absolutely smashed by the rival halls [which live literally right next to us] so not only did the kitchen get egged before Christmas

but got done on nye..too..
i think we all know what must be done.. kill them all.. or the best alternative.. haven't really thought about suggestion i've heard so far is fire... since we started we gotta end it..


mondar thoughts
damn now i cant find a plate..

Gotta love some Asher Roth..

I just heard this track last week but its been on the internets for month or so..
Asher Roth- The Day I Got Crowned

Pretty much what you expect from the dood.. 2009 is his..
also Mickey's/B.O.B's/basically anyone in this mag will do it big in '09..
don't know about Curren$y and Ace Hood though?!

I ♥ College Remix (feat JOOONNNES)


monDar thought
"my gosh"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Black Jesus Is The Cure..

Chatting with a friend reminiscing about old Boondocks eps & he puts me on to this gem..

Hilarity ensued..

Jesus dosen't need a Wiimote.. to play on the Wii.


monDar thoughts
2 exams..
now to clean this room

This is why i ♥ lupe..

Lupe >___________ ??

I saw a post on lupEND, but blanked it thinking it was any band.. then yesterday i see the internets was buzzing about this.. crazy, so is he going to release lupEnd, and an EP with Japanese Cartoon .. i know he said he's working on a 3 disc-set is one of the disc going to be full of Japanese Cartoon stuff??

I don't long as we eventually see a CRS album..

Props to WNL


moNdar thoughts
messy room..

Saturday, January 3, 2009


where have i seen that..

soon come.. soon come..


monDar thoughts
had to change the template..
big pictures > shabby small blogger pics..

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Background Music..


You gotta let that background music breathe this month, not sure how many of you readers listen to that but before you mute/pause/click and x because you hate being forced to listen to stuff, you gotta hear this!

i usually won't have a post soley about new background music but this is a frikkin classic.

Bobby Konders & Jabba recalling an incident between them and Westwood back then..

Only one of the reasons why Juan Epstein is the greatest hip-hop podcast ever..

1-Funny stories about Westwood getting shook..


monDar thoughts
thats my stick for '09
reppin old juan ep clasics..

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanks Guys/Girl

Google Analytics is a bit addictive, before i was content with a simple stat counter , but then i upgraded and got all these numbers/graphs/ the best feature on it as to be the Map Overlay, that shows where all you people are from [no stalker]

United Kingdom /United States

Canada / Germany

Netherlands / France

Ireland / United Arab Emirates

Australia / Sweden

South Africa / Belgium

Brazil / Japan

Serbia /Spain

Italy / Poland

Romania / Switzerland

Portugal / Denmark

Czech Republic /Finland

Kuwait /New Zealand

Mexico / Norway

Austria / Philippines

Hungary / Argentina

Egypt / Pakistan

India / Hong Kong

Morocco / Bahrain

Malaysia / Ghana [brap]

Venezuela / Monaco

Taiwan / Russia

Chile / Latvia

Slovakia / Macedonia

Singapore / Thailand

Slovenia / Estonia

China / Croatia

Aruba / Bulgaria

Jamaica / Kenya

Iceland / Turkey / Israel

Props to all you people from these countries that visted the blog last year, same again in '09?!


mondAr thoughts
Grandma Boy is a suprisingly funny movie..
gotta love those american pie-type movies

It's time..

What up '09

the amount of fucked face expressions i've made holding a strongbow can,
i could fill a whole facebook album... smh...
props to the random old people that join house parties.. .

i arrived late and somehow that celebrations box STILL didn't get moved to.. appaling
you'll be pleased to know i took half of it home.

i'm that funny..

it was inevitable.. glad it wasn't me.

Big Girl x Small Toy = HUGE fun..

The New Years..
First Pics of '09..

So far spent the day trying to fill the belly with some Cheap Chinese buffet seem to work well..

Watched "The Spirit" for an absurd price, the review on WNL now..

mondAr thoughts
damn, was it inevitable that i would loss
something on new years.. i miss my wallet!!