Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thug Justified: Latarian Milton

Why must this kid be soo gangsta.. i mean there's gangsta, and then there's ..

Latarian "Hood Rat" Milton..

I believe that's his middle name legally.

Think the news station is actually stalking the kid, 'cause they have regular updates on the dood.. Personally i don't mind.. 7 years old and already got the internets on lock..
i appluad this young renegade..


MondaR thoughts
.... STILL haven't watched Dark Knight.. Day 1

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Ms TooFly said...

Did that police officer say they want to 'put him in the system'?
*blank stare*
And is it me or does he look suspiciously like the younger version of 'doughboy' from boyz in the hood??