Friday, August 29, 2008

This is crazy..

Thought me and my sis impression was good, i think this is prally better than mine impression..

Just a lil bit..


moNDar thoughts
processing film.. kinda long

"untitled it is..."



think my fish was inspired my nemo.. couldnt escape this time though.. ha

the dood is really killing it right now..


monDar thoughts
if Obama dosent win.. ..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mr.Hudson & The Library supporting kanYe


"Kanye will be supported by Mr Hudson & The Library on all of his UK dates."

Of course 99.9% of the audience at the shows will not know them & prally show no love but who cares still a big look for Mr.H and the crew supporting 'Ye with the new and GREATLY improved tour can only mean one thing in my eyes.. we may soon see a

Mr.H & The Library x kanYe track which will be:

May the music gods make that shit happen..


mondar thoughts
the countdown begins.. it really does

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PruHealth- Orange Dispenser advert

Rolling down the skreets, found this thing here..Located near Euston station, it's a bus stop advert that dispenses an orange every minute..

Sadly, more oranges were being put in so i couldn't give you guys a verdict on bus-stop oranges.. soon come..


moNdar thoughts
standing g.i.t.d tickets.. copped

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

imagine that...

..happening to an african mum, kid would probably be in hospital in a few minutes..

Watch all of it.. but the good bit hits at the 1:50 mark. the dood is ruthless.


mOndar thoughts
okay i lied.. maybe eariler

Friday, August 22, 2008


- PC Broke/Laptop Broke [Steve Jobs my next paycheck goes to you...]
- Xbox back from the grave.. finally..
- Last days of summer..

Peace [back in september.. hopefully]

moNdar thoughts
uni:-yeahh & yahhh

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank God...

'Ye didn't go the Bape/Ice-Cream route.. looks like he's going to be releasing High-fashion with a dash of Streetwear[judging from these pics]

With this though, we are bound to get rapage prices for clothes that look good, but sadly overpriced, if the Warrior Hoody is more than $200, in the words of Bill O'Reily "I CAN'T DO IT" , plus the hoody ain't that amazing, the belt looks affordable though :D


mondaR thoughts
xbox coming back home 19/8.. the long wait is nearly over

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's got them..

Watching Music Television [accidentally i swear] the video for "Area Codes" was playing & it got me reminiscing about the album version with the extended ho'isms..
" it's a hip hop ho'llercoaster"
Jokes, so i checked Youtube for that, couldn't find that, BUT i did find this:

and it's soo evident.. did u see all the chicks he's smashed in that vid..."must be the shoes"

John Mayer got that "i could be a part-time comedian" swag to him, shows in these videos..

The adverts he did with Alicia Keys.. Kinda funny.. can't lie

oh and his music is alright..


moNDar thoughts
boo on double posting...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's all coming out now..

First, i read a bunch of parts^ in the Olympics opening ceremony was faked using CGI..

China 1 - World -0

Then this..

China 2 - World - 0
[China fooled the woorrrlllddd]

ONLY a matter of time till we hear the event was performed by new-age androids till that day....


moNdar thoughts
1/2 of chester french married, wtf!?

zshare BLOCKED In U.K

War is Peace
Ignorance is Power
Freedom is Slavery

First i thought it was just my shite laptop, then i thought zshare was down , but now i am certain ISP's are blocking zshare..

So fucked up it's unbelievable, blocking zshare?! Are they nuts..

It's not our fault, the music industry flopped.. how can you block a website and not give a warning

This is how it stars people the long slippery slope of ISP's blocking sites:

It begins with zshare then sharebee, then any of the hundreds sites distributing these links..

Restricted Internet with NO warning, mos defintely a court case waiting to happen

The media are not reporting this, because its only a few ISP's: BT, Virgin & Talk Talk that are doing it, bet they'll start reporting it when its too late.

Calling those bastards today to see what the dealio, will update soon

-According to Virgin Media, they have nothing to do with it and they can't block websites.
So that would mean it's zshare biznass.. or someones chatting shit.

-zshare is back working now & we will never know why it was down for weeks..


monDar thoughts
oh and its all your fault!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Please Believe ...

The only reason i watched South Park was because of this song... truth

moNDAr thought
heard "May-December" on bbc olympics coverage today..

Friday, August 8, 2008




moNdaR thoughts
8 posts was difficult enough, YN aka Yellow Ni**a aka Elliot Willson aka Former editor of XXL did 24 posts in 24 hours.. true legend.

they reminsce, reminsce...

hate to do this at the age of 18 but I will..

No, I'm not going to make a post about how Cartoons were better back in the days..
That topic has been done to death, and we all know the best era of cartoons.. No contest

I will give you something a little different..


You read right.. The younga's of today have it bad enough, with them to die a cruel fiery death and with Economy being a right asshole, they got enough shit to worry about.

mONDar thoughts


.. i think NOT

Just goes to show Weezy not only enjoys the occasional macaroni, but a bit of mustard on the side..


mOndaR thoughts
#5 [LOOK its the 5th one, getting a lil harder [none]

Bobbito speaking the truth..[as always]

circa '06 speaking about
-Collecting kicks
-Lining up for kicks
& of course Originality.


mOndaR thoughts

Now, how did that happen..!

Seriously.. HOW!!


moNdaR thoughts


Eventhough most of these things have been done, sure it took long enough but there's probably only one thing that hasn't come to flourishing..

So look forward to these in the next 10 years..


mOndar thoughts

"no homo, just in case"

Fuck what you've watched.. this is THE no homo vid.


mOndaR thoughts

Someone Failed..

Okay, correction.. MANY FAILED..
  • The dood that actually bought it
  • The dood that made such an application
  • The dood's that alowed this app to be sold on iTunes..

What it looks like on the iPhone

now i won't go into a senseless rant on how this shows people will do near abouts anything to be in a different class, or what idiot would "jokingly" buy a $999 product on iTunes..

The fact that the app could be made easily & downloaded for free.. makes this too stoopid.. here's hoping its a extremely late April Fools joke, but i doubt it since Times have an article about it.


monDar thoughts

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i went to bed..

then all this happened..

Image Hosted by

i remember thinking WTF!! when i heard "Blue Magic" so imma keep my opinions to myself at this moment, BUT that snippet of "Jocking Jay-Z" reminds me of the snippet to CTMN,
in the sense of its gonna keep me hyped for months..

It still suprises me that there hasn't been a CRS performace yet, was hoping to see that but the vid to Everyone Nose is good enough..

Obvious questions to be asked on the Everyone nose rmx vid:

1- Eyewear on Purpbag P-: MaisonMartinMargeila

2- The video is purposely made pixelated.. Hype Williams recorded in HD and made it pixelated..
[i'm not complaining, just seems like a waste of money]

3.- Why didn't they show more of the footage of 'Ye and P??
The face Ye pulls [pause at the 55sec mark] is hilarious..

mOnDaR thoughts
i jocked jay-z all day long.. [yes homo]

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I've been listening to Charles Hamilton mixtape for a couple of days,

sidebar: Is zshare working for anyone in the U.K?! I NEED TO KNOW

The mixtape is kool even though he comes off a bit too arrogant & cocky.. [yes i know he's a a rapper& that's part of his job], but constantly laughing on a track is not a good look.... needs to have a talk with my man Sheik..


You'll be happy to know someone that can rap spat some hot fiyah onto the songs from the
\Sonic 1 & 2 [aka best video game & soundtracks evverrr]

Rap songs with lyrical content referring to video games
[always great] i will never utter the words nerd rap on this blog.

The first one i ever heard cicra '99.. remember thinking it was the greatest song ever

moNdar thoughts
The titles refers to the age old question of whos better mario or sonic..

Monday, August 4, 2008

yes.. just yes..

The hype was so great for this movie.. i can't believe it not only met the hype, fooking exceeded it..

Too much to handle to write a review right now, but its coming tomorrow.

That was 2hrs ago, fuck.. the internet is a monster of a time-waster.. now the review is up on

All I'm saying now is-:

  • Humor in a supermovie done right.. Spidey 3 FAILED SO BADLY it actually still hurts

  • Heath Ledger- Actually ashamed i didn't do the standing ovation thing, 2nd watch it's happening..

  • Oh please kill yourself if you watched this on DVD.. you fucking serious?!

moNDar thought
Was i just hyped to see the movie, Was his role so hyped that i had to love it, or was it that good.. either way.. worth the $12.50 [my pound sign aint working] spent

Is that you Hype?!!

Newfound respect for the dood, not because hes doing videos outside hip-hop, the video is real different and he actually suprised me when i read he directed it..

At this moment, looks like Hype Williams is back.


mOndaR thoughts
Imax today..
the words finally come to mind.. that and frikkin excited.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sugar Puffs rip-off the Mighty Boosh..

Don't give a..

If it was an homage, if it was:

a) It wouldn't be shite
b) They wouldn't try and replicate the genius of crimping..

For flippin' shame whoever allowed this to air.. terrible.


monDaR thoughts
seriously its a travesty..

Friday, August 1, 2008

"You Maniacs! You blew it up!..."

"Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

How Why? Fuck it, I know how & why, but whyyy!!!!!

Youtubes been going downhill since the King of the nets bought it, inevitable.


I have never seen so much soft pron on one screen, not since my first year of puberty.

'course Youtube is the greatest thing to happen to the internets in the last 10 years and the hidden gems are always gonna be lurking about that place, still the worse thing to happen to it is the ability to make some dosh from youtube.


Floods of shitty videos featuring boobs.ass.eyes?! yeah eyes & yeah i just complained about boobs & ass [never again]

The real question here is, who's watching these videos.. the simplicity of getting the pr0n these days.. i mean come on utilize Google (c) G.K

anywhoo, now you're probably thinking

"who cares, don't visit youtube"

but thats out of the question since it's freaking Youtube...YOUTUBE.. if Justin Blaze can have a rant noone cares about on his blog, then FUCK IT!! i can have a one too..

August 1st is day I ABANDON SHIP!!

All Hail the new king & BASK IN IT'S BEAUTIFUL HD'NESS


mOndAr thoughts
watching Super High Me.. so shu-weet