Saturday, May 31, 2008


a bunch of pics i found on the pc.. you never know you may find some.. dare i say, funny


Best Sandwich in M & S.. aromatic duck aint got shit on this..

piss take..

old school hundreds..

flickr page should be getting more action in the upcoming months..

Image Hosted by

click on it.. i dares ya!


Been wasting the day away watching Old Nickelodeon shows..

Mogulus probably the best thing to come out of the internets last year... that and Juan Epistein.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Flashing Lights: 2nd Attempt or First.. maybe 3rd?!

Whichever.. the video's seem to have the same theme...

ridiculously hot girl

It looks like this video was made at the same time as the "American Boy" vid..

that or 'Ye just likes that outfit.


More commericial/understandable than the 1st..

Is it more thought-provoking?!

Hotter Chick?

[she dosen't need darkness to make her hot, unlike some people.. looking at you Rita G]
In those terms, the video is better than the 1st..
"Flashing Lights" vid without "flashing" is like a Jeezy album without any ad libs:
Unexpected but not necessarily good
BUT the 1st one had everyone talking 'bout it

meh.. don't really care

Just hope this video is released, couldn't have been shite, the dood went to Denmark to talk about it with the director & we all know the third vid 'Ye releases for one song is parally gonna be the best..

e.g Jesus Walks 3rd version



Hovi on upcoming UK Dates..

Props to "The Flyest"

Nice interview, think this is the first time he's officially talked about the Glasto "controvesy"

Glad to hear he's changing the track list of his shows, been listening to his live show for months..

For the late ones, here's his show in Chi-Town last year w/ Special Guests..

Runs for 1hr & 30 mins so it's a LONG one.. might want to pump up the volume as well.

Jay-Z + Live Band = Eargasm..

[and NO.. He didn't do any "Reasonable Doubt"material.. unfortunately]

Can't wait to see the dood live..


Monday, May 26, 2008

"NO Seriously, GTFO!!!"

So back in the days, when i thought i could become a Youtube celebrities.. i decided to make a few videos.. some were shite.. some were really shite..

Ever since Youtube fell off.. [We got Google to thank for that]
I decided to jump ship and wait till i get a HD camera to do any more vids.

Anyways, when uploading some clips of the Busta show, i find out that theres an "Insight" feature where you can see everything about your video:
Where the viewers come from, Demographics, Popularity all that .. didn't think about using it.

Today, i decide to f' about on the PC since the weather was so great [/sarcasm]

Apparently, my video got searched so much that when you Google "new era cap" i am the 5th result to appear... 5th!! FIF! Thats crazy, imo

HENCE THE TITLE OF THIS POST.. plus its one of my fav. Ari Gold moments.

Now i wish i put more effort with the video & made it funny. :S

With nearly 50,000 people watching that shit.
99.9% of that traffic not appearing on to this blog :(

I might have to start doing some videos during the summer..


Deal Real mixtape: Mr.Hudson & The Library

R.I.P Deal Real.. i hardly knew ye..

Mr. H & The Library been a fav. of mine ever since i heard their Acoustic set on Ras Kwame.. in '06
[BBC need to make a library of all their radio shows public.. its so necessary]

The group had a live performance at Deal Real [was sick] and handed out a mixtape with some of their songs, and artists i am guessing they like/influence by.

Ripping a CD feels frikkin' ancient, in 10 years time we'll probably get mixtapes through bluetooth whilst walking down the street...

EDIT: I just realised some people may have never heard the group, LISTEN doods/doodetts, you won't be disappointed... "A Tale of Two Cities" been on my mp3 player since it was released


Deal Real Recordings present DJ Acyde vs Mr.Hudson

Mixed by Acyde for The Most Influential



Classic Footage from Deal Real..
Kanye & Mos Def "Overnight Celebrity" Freestlye..
[Mos killed it]

2 years later & I notice Alexis is there with him (52 sec)


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Please.. not again..

Sun whilst it's raining = End of the world! [Weezy was right!!!]

The rain is back & its no joke.. been pouring continuously since i woke up @ 7.

Still, as long as its raining through my exams then I'm Happy, nothing worse than the sun shining whilst you're in a stuffy exam room.. Regardless of the weather, these shows should be FIRE..

[GET IT!! FIRE.. **cough**]


Lupe Fiasco
Somerset House
Mon 14 Jul 2008

[F'ing Bank Holiday.. need to put money on my card.]

iTunes Festival London
July 1st

[It's FREE & the tkts are given through raffles/giveaways all that long ish..]



Friday, May 23, 2008

Busta Rhymes @ indig02

I was little skeptical if there was going to be a crowd at this gig, 3 GOOD shows in one night

- Public Enemy playing the classic joint at Brixton
- Chris Rock at the 02 arena
[he's on some crazy ish right now.. it seems like he has 2 shows a month & might be breaking world records whilst at it.]
- AND Of course Busta..

So believe me i went there expecting an half-empty place.. contrary to my belief, place was packed out

& with 2 other perfectly good shows that weren't sold-out [to my knowledge]
Trev. should be proud..


Perfect Aim

Some didnt mind the random flashes from the camera..

others not so much

- RRRROAW RRRROAW like a dungeon dragon...too sick -
-Busta & Spliff doing the
Rolex Sweep.. yes it happened [evidence ]
got on Skepta's myspace.. BRAP BRAP!

-The Timeless classics.. especially this one.
-I am reminded that Busta is probably the Remix King, I come back home and see this..


Nonsense Happenings..
  • 1. Don't come to a Busta gig with fly shit and expect them to come out looking the same & try and get vexxed when your shit get fucked.. don't look at me.
  • 2.Don't come to a Busta gig, join a mosh-pit and when it got a bit too much try and bail out at the last minute.. [props to the girl that shamed any dood in that moshpit, part from me 'course!]
  • 3.RRRROAW RRRROAW like a DUNGEON DRAGON.. soz my ears still banging from the verse.. now my right ear is fucked.

We Made It Live..

After all that good ish.. i lose my Oyster card now someone who's easily the No.1 contender for wasteman of the galaxy, got a free train ride home, whilst i have to jump on train without ticket:

Meaning the mandatory po-po at Kings X during this time will get me, resulting in a huge fine, me going to jail and my mum coming back from a holiday in tears..

In fact, the police guy was surprisingly cool about it and asked why i didn't go to see P.E or Chris Rock, [at this moment my voice is so hoarse it sounds like am some crackhead or suthin'] apparently he saw C.R earlier in the yr. and it was hilarious.. so I get off with no fine or caution just a good ol'- Dont do it next time!

Maybe there's still hope for mankind?!

must slepppppp


Watched INDY 4 yesterday and didn't get that line, then i googled it.

What amounts of knowledge i wouldn't know without the Internets, i wonder?!

The best movie of the year is STILL Cloverfield, if you didnt see that in cinema. YOU FAIL!

Cloverfield > Iron Man > Indy 4

Review should be up on WNL today..

With the seemingly good week, got a job interview with this store.. received postive feedback from the dudes & having a free house once again..

I nearly forgot I would be seeing
Busta Rhymes at the indig02..The venue aint bad
been in to see Sean Kingston
[which was free, props to Luke] "perform"
[if going off stage every 5 mins can be considered as performing]

I expect nuthin but pure hype from the dood, pics and video tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Before you read this post, please realise I'm a Gooner.. and we'll see what happen's next season


To be honest you guys did deserve it.. but between Chelsea and Man U, it's all about repping for Man U

What the fuck is wrong with Terry?
too much heart not enough bottle?!

dude is straight GAB AGE..


p.s- Watching INDY 4 today.. review coming sooooonnnn

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shit goes HARD..

G Shock Event - Can't Tell Me Nothing from kwest on Vimeo.

Preety much crystal clear, none of the nons.. screaming/chanting lyrics you hear with the concert vids.

'YE needs to get the girl that sang the ''ooooooohhhh' part and perform, i remember hearing she's from a band in Australia.

Joi Starr did a good job though.

[did a week with only one 'ye post.. where's my applause?!]


"Lupe's still like.."

Lupin The III..

I know jack shit about the show, never watched it before.. straight after revision/exams is finished, buying/downloading whatever.. getting the season box set quick

Why? the sudden interest you may ask..


Have you listened to the theme tune? Any cartoon with a theme tune like that can't be shite..

AND THE updated one sounds even better..

Man, aren't the Japanese great.. shame that place must be hell to live in as a black dude.

Bad enough outside LDN... :D


Come to think of it..

I need a new belt...

Anyone active or looming[aka ME] around the hypebeast forum, will know about the brand

I don't even want to embarrass myself writing about them, Hypebeast crew did such an excellent job of it, I'll be surprised if it wasn't written by LOCHNESS himself.

Congrats on the front page status dood.. looks like the site got so much deserved traffic..

p.s- i didn't accidentally post the same video twice.. it's that good.

"We Major"

The Cipha and Rosenberg duo- Juan Epstein
[Apparently it's a character in an American TV show]

Got an interview with the dead chick still walking, Hillary Clinton..

Entertaining yet incredibly crinch-worthy interview you'll ever hear from the broad.

Worthy quotes..
When asked what rapper she likes..
"50 cent"

It's worth listening to hear her singing "I Ain't got you".. stoopidly sick...



Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving on up?!

" Movin on up
To the east side.
We finally got a piece of the pie."

I just like that song, it's weird even though i've never watched the series i can tell you at least 3 of the characters in the show, and know the classic "DYNAMITE".
Guess i got Family Guy & Simpson's to thank for that...


I'll be writing movie reviews every now and then for WNL

Check the review for Iron Man tomorrow.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

"H3 is shit, BIG UP the GOW mandem"

GTFO with that talk JME.. Halo paved the way for the rest of these ninjas..


I can't lie.. Battling with chainsaws is the future.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Classic- Game bragging 'bout.. well listen

Sadly, the html skills are slacking so you have to visit the site to hear it, listen to 2nd clip.


The Websters dictionary define Classic as
"serving as a standard of excellence:of recognized value"

Of course the word has been overused but every now and then, i'll have to post something of a certain value.. This here is of exceptional value..

One of my fav. interviews of last year..

FLEX IS CRAZY his reaction is what really makes the interview a classic... love it.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ye's new dance/jig/spazzing out session....

...when performing Flashing Lights

Have you ever seen kanye a rapper give this much energy on a song.. ATM, i can only think of Busta that would give this much energy

easily the highlight of the GITD tour & there's been so many..

I don't feel salty even though the GITD tour in U.S, looks/sounds 10x better.. we got it first.. So suck it you fat americans.. suck it real good.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 Three 3 mix: N*E*R*D- She Wants To Move

g-g-g mix

New segment on the blog,where I give you something you [hopefully] haven't heard before..

3 remixes from tracks that don't need a remix.... but the remixes are straight fire, so i forgive.

Why 3?


This week, it's from everyones favorite "crossover" group N*E*R*D, with the new album coming.. had to take it back..

#1- Native Tongue Remix, ft. Common, Mos Def, De La Soul, Q-Tip
  1. This is the track that started Common's return.. imo.
  2. Common, Mos, Q-Tip & De La ..Backpackers worldwide creamed.. still are [prally]
#2 Justice Remix

Cobra snake favorites.. preety much what you would expect from the duo.

#3 DFA remix
Something just to mix it up.. are those cowbells i hear at the end..

Can never have enough cowbell



Enjoy the sun.. if you got exams [while you can]

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Different level..

All the videos posted here are on a different level, some of you may not be use to this certain level.


^A personal fav.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Lucky enough to see the tunnel yesterday, ridiculously packed though but i did go on the last day, which was a bank holiday and the weather was nice!!! ?

According to their website was attended by 28,544 people [bit specific no?!]

The place was packed the fuck out..

One of my favs.

Says "Fisher Price" on the gun.

The kid at his finest..

Like Father like son..

Is that the rabbit in DonnyDarko?


Monday, May 5, 2008

The Coolest: Soundwave MP3 Player

Keep it Moving

Image found at Mick Boogie's blog

For £50 you'll probably be the only dude with this within a 50 200 mile radius.

Sure it might be an over-priced mp3 player but it's definitely better than buying a ipod shuffle costing £45 that can't even transform!


Saturday, May 3, 2008


Donald Sutherland