Monday, June 30, 2008

"London is now more dangerous than New York"

Skinner said it 2 years ago.. going to take another 2 4 years for anyone to use Bloomerberg's methods

[sidebar]- his last album was noice if you haven't listened to it.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can you say Destroy...

....'cause you know Young Hov just did that to the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 
what the fuck is a Kings of Leon?

What made it better is that he had B right there, Chris could have played and he could have called in a bunch of other guests but naa.. did it Uno and still ripped it excluding some bait methods to get the crowd hype.. [Let me hear this side of the crowd?! come on now!!]

Can't wait to see him next week.. expect pics & vids doods/doodetts?
[I'm sure there's one reading]


Oh and Apologies for the" ingenious" posts of recent,  had a busy week, different from the usual.. aka Doing Jack shit..

Next week sadly might be the same, Got a summer job [£££ BUT WORK= :-( ] but at least you get some good [lord willin'] pics/vids of Wireless "Fest" 
[Cool Kids/Santogold/Marky Mark and Hov.. aint too shabby in my eyes]

and after that week the Lupe gig at Somerset house..
[front row status is a must for that show]


He did Wonderwall.. He actually walked on stage and did Wonderwall..

Friday, June 27, 2008

"That was the joke"

Just 5 reasons why The Simpsons is the best in the world

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Just 3 Reasons why you will never see Boondocks on UK TV...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Get in that ass.."

Just two reason why Curb Your Enthusaism will never be mainstream..

Monday, June 23, 2008


Just one reason why Scrubs is the best show you're not watching


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Not?!

Chris Martin- Thanks for coming to the gig, ready for the Glastonbury show??

Jay-Z- err.. about that Chris, you know i wanted to get a couple of guests on the show

Chris Martin- Yeah?! Good luck with that, I'm sure B will be interested

Jay-Z- Huh huh, so Can i count you in?

Chris Martin- Well i got a tour coming up soon, so will be busy

Jay-Z- I see.. well you know i gotta appeal to the regular audience as well..

Chris Martin- True, but got a busy schedule with the upcoming tour..

Jay-Z- I'll put you on when i play "Encore"

Chris Martin- I'll be there..

Young Hov looking paranoid at a Coldplay gig & Has the same "rainman "look he had in that documentary..

Am i right? or am i right?! Jay needs to jump on a Coldplay beat

jay loving the coldplay


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Make him humble.."

Props to Juan Episten

I don't guarantee much on this blog, but if you don't lawlz at this..

Best go to the doctors and check those vocal cords..

oh and a wise dood told me, never meet your heroes*


*i use the word hero very lightly.. .. i respect the dood musical abilities won't say he's a hero

Why Bother..

I have no idea how spammers overcome the word security thing.. but why this to overcome it?

Only enter symbols attached to a cat.

Don't they ALL have cats on them?!

Whats next have us identify the shape with a 128 degree angle?

WTF.. 'cause of this stoopid new system:
  1. I can't download two mixtapes i want,
  2. I'm left feeling extremely retarded...

Got me deciphering pictures and shit.. I quit after the 10th attempt!!!

If you can identify the cats, you have some good eyes, or you have an I.Q higher than Billi Gates..


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Showing the love..


'cause it's the right thing to do and if I show love, its bound to come back around right?!


Luckily found this blog when I typed "Lyrics 2 Go" into google.. no surprise his blog is called..

FROM a glance, looks like the blog is fully dedicated to them but he offers good hip-hop, some most parally have on your hardrive already..

If you're a n00b & need some teaching every now and then *cough* me *cough*


Just made it into the '80s era.. *cough* me *cough*
My '89 Borns STAND UP!

Then can't go wrong looking at this blog..

Him and this dood put together a ATCQ mixtape full of the samples from their albums..

Midnight Marauders: The Samples...
Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Samples

More over at the site, so don't delay, enjoyment is only one click away..
[maybe two.. depending on how shite your mouse is.]


"awww... isn't that shueweet.."

All they need now is to get their kid tatted up with a lil' "Adam Bomb" and they are set.

Set for what, you ask??!

Haven't thought about it but I'm sure there's a market for this
People will pay good money to see a family tatted up with "Adam Bomb". I know i will.

**Sarcasm Level**.. surprisingly low at 3

Monday, June 16, 2008

"Best in the woorrlllld"

"YOOOUUUUUU" should know this, Hypebeast is the BESSST website in the world, [according to the good folks at Time magazine]

Vote for the site to keep it that way lads & ladettes

From a crummy looking blogspot, to a sooper website informing the masses on important streetwear stuff..

Congrats to Kevin Ma and the crew.. next stop magazines?!?

Produced in true Hypebeast fashion limited to 200 copies per issue..


Sunday, June 15, 2008

For The UK Peeps...

you didn't know LoveFilm murdered any surviving retail rental store out there, whos surpised when they offer 3 months free trial on the regs.. rent dvds/games/even magazines!!?

Try it out
Register with one of these codes..
Code: Enter: LFZZ98762 or LFZZ98765

Enjoy the freeness..
[Yes i know your mummy told you nothing is free.. THIS IS!! Trust..]
oh and don't forget to unsubscribe before the offer ends or else you gotta pay.

**Back to destroying zombies in RES 4**

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"What you know about that?"

*Insert cliché pic of Japan here*

Music from the land of the rising sun, perfect when you need a break from the usual..

No one in the Western Hemisphere can fux with this video... no one!

How can you NOT whistle along when you hear this


Not Japanese, but always makes me smile when i hear it,
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players- Mountain Trip to Japan.

By The Way...

"A Milli" beat:
Time of Death

When i read this..


N*E*R*D- Windows Lyrics

Was looking for the lyrics to this song, and couldn't find it [surprising] so did it myself..

Verse 1

Every single night I'm starring in her window..
She's fresh in her towel & the lights are dimmed low
If you've seen what I've seen, she's a Ten Yo!

You would be starring in her windows
The eyes are the windows to the soul
You would be starring in her windows

Verse 2
My Best friend said I shouldn't do this no more
Well I guess that means I am very different from my friends SO
'cause if you've seen what I 've seen she's a Ten Yo!



Look at her she's my medicine
All those magazines & all that estrogen
I bet she like me, but my conscience says to guess again
If she ever did I would be ready then

The best time to watch is like 1 or 2 o'clock
In a perfect world, she could come over & rock
I wonder if she would be fumbling a lot
She's taking off her clothes and 'bout to close the win-dow.

Verse 3
She slipped the bill through my gate that was entitled "Windows"
She said don't go Micro-soft you like it when I bend low..
She said, I see what you mean 'cause that's my twin, Yo
and umm.. We see you starring in our windows...

They caught me starring in her window


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


myself for being a kanye stan [self professed] but not knowing 'Ye produced this track..
i know i know.. FAIL.

Love that beat & the track aint too bad neither.

Props to Metal Lungies


gets back to editing the video.. expect to see that video i talked about sometime in the weekend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fly or See Sounds

After the 5th listen, preety much got an opinion on the latest offering from N*E*R*D

The album is nothing like "Fly Or Die" but then again it has tracks that are similar to "FOD" e.g Sooner or Later, got that "Maybe" sound and there's tracks like "Thrasher"/"Breakout" but much better. e.g- "Kill Joy"

The sound they got from "Everyone Nose" resounds through the album, Pharrell swagger is on point.. gotta love "Yeah You" and Production wise, the UK Bonus track saves the day for me.. otherwise would have considered it a bit better than Fly Or Die.


Listening to the album, its so evident that they MUST release a Live album, songs like
"Kill joy" got a lack of energy
[not to sure if i missing something here, the track is called "KILL JOY"]
but sounds really lifeless compared to the live track i heard.

Same for most of the tracks on the album..

Album for the summer??
[ looks like it w/Busta's album being pushed wayy back..]


Monday, June 9, 2008


Aint listened to it yet, but the dood at the till was giving me mixed signals about the album..

Gotta love the customer service at HMV about to buy the album and the dood is telling me it got shitty reviews..

Thanx A Lot Asshole..

I actually bought this album for an upcoming video i got cooking up for this, should see it by next week.. + its n*e*r*d how could i NOT support.

I'll see if the £10 spent was well-worth it.. soon enough..


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wanna be a world record breaker???

Easy as A,2,5,

JUST sign your name and pledge to download Firefox 3 when it's released..

[lets be honest, THANK GOD for Firefox otherwise we all might be browsing the nets without tabs.. "imagine that"]

Go Ahead.. just see it as a thank you to the good folks of Mozilla.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It continues..

Got another stunning [ :S] review over at WNL

TRUST.. "In Bruges".. something different from the usual ish in the cinemas.. + gotta see something different from the stoopid amount of superhero movies coming out soon...

Next one?! Parally, The Happening..

OBVIOUSLY, going to be about global warming [no spoilers there] I'm more interested in how it kills people..

My Prediction : Animals are sick and tired of the humans fucking up the world, and begin to retaliate..

No?! too obvious?


Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Racism is still alive...."

"they just be concealing it"

New trailer is out for Resident Evil 5 and Capcom got a little controv with this one.. since they released the preview last year.

Its based in Africa, so you expect the zombies to be black


Past RES games have a hench white army guy killing a shit load of zombies


So what you get is a game with a white army guy killing bunch of black people zombies


In what world is that racist.. [parally a world where i wear skinny jeans and shop at Topshop]

Regardless of the fact, other RES games have ethnic zombies..
[lol ethnic zombies]

If you replace white zombies with black zombies..
have the zombies act the same way, as the white zombies..
then why is it deemed racist?

OH I SEE.. you want the black zombies to act civilized and talk to the dood before eating him?!]

Can this game really make people think less about Africans? Probably not.. i like to believe most gamers are not that ignant.

This guy said the trailer shows "classic racist imagery."

See for yourself..

Personally, I don't see it..
With the new trailer, they announced the doods partner is a black woman.. so if peeps do deem it as racist, at least you can play it on co-op and let the zombies kill the "white devil"


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


captured on a west end st.

Now, I'm usually on point with the stoopid internets stuff, let me take you wayy back when i admitted to watching a video featuring a rolling donut..

Props to the Juan Epistein duo for introducing me to this gem..

i swear to you, in 10 years time.. people are going to be writing about Humour on the Internets.. and this kid is going to be the prime example.

[& love to the tortles]

Monday, June 2, 2008


Nothing better than a bunch of doods screaming over an impossible K.O.. crazy.. gotta watch.

Street Fighter IV please come sooner..

I have little/no knowledge on Seinfeld..
[i rented it off lovefilms once, i probably got a season 3 dvd or something 'cause i had no idea what was going on]

'Course i know the characters and the controvesy about some dood in the show.. thats 'bout it.

NEVERTHELESS, This new Wale Mixtape is parally one of the best mix-tapes in a while..

Mos definitely puts him above all the other "hipster rappers"
[sidebar] that term is gonna die out soon since every new rapper i've seen can be labeled as a hipster..

These doods should have blown up 3 years ago.. might have had a niche audience...