Friday, November 23, 2007

Stadium Status

I just want to say, the bad things about the concert.. weren't a lot of bad things, and i guess it's inevitable havent been to many many concerts like this..

1. Why sit down in a concert.. espicially this concert that could have been cancelled.. easily.

2. smh at people sitting down when Common was on.

Apart from that the concert was sick, Estelle got me to check out her new album, some of the songs didn't sound too bad, there were some sound issues so it didn't sound the best.

Common was sick, played the bangers.. sadly not "Start the show" or "Southside" which would have got the crowd hyped for the main act. His freestyle was nice, he was basically just naming random places in London.. still.

Props to the random guys at the top trying to start a mexican wave, it eventually worked just before kanYe was on. I was surprised people were bothered to get off their seat.
[i tried to start a kanye chant so many times]

Getting ready for kanyezzy

kanYe peformace was something else, the set was sick, everyone A-Trak, Tony Williams, Joy Star everyone was good.. there was even a random part where kanYe was about to duel with a robot with a light-saber.. whilst "Drunk n Hot Girls" was playing.. didn't get that part.

Surprised how much non-hip-hop fans were there, i didn't realise how mainstream kanye was, I saw some middle-aged guys/gals behind me chatting about how you pronounce 2-pac.. and one girl said "2 poc, 2pac.. six pac" and LAUGHED.. smh.

Not like these wasteman hindered my experience, i hope he plays smaller venues when he returns.. Hammersmith would have been great. It would be difficult to get tickets, but would be worth it.

The rumors about Jay-Z being there didn't fuck the concert up [for me anyway], a lot of people were talking about it though. kanYe was enough, if Jay was there and played "Roc Boys" it would be too good to be real.

Highlights of the show..

-Seeing Kano drunk after the show & blanking anyone girls asking for a pic
-Half of my row leaving after a few songs. tsk tsk
-A crazy-guy a few rows down dancing like he was at a Daft-Punk show.


Next year i just want to see Lupe & Jay-Z, missed Lupe's performance at Scala last year, looked sick though had Sway performing "We Love You".. hope i don't miss it when he's back.. and Jay-Z he has to tour again but i hope he does what he did in the U.S .. a few smaller venues then later on bigger venues..

looks too good to miss.

Nandos is the shit..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two Words..

Fucking Funny.

[i lied, so sue me]

& you guys thought Sven was bad..

i love listening to talkSport after England lose.. guys go cRaZy.. bare serious about a game..

Can't wait for tomorrow's papers..

"McClaren Must Die"
"Scotland Celebrates"

lolz.. a kanYe concert and then this.. on a serious note, they deserved this, a much needed wake-up call.

I give McClaren 4 days till he retires.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh no that 360 didn't..

F'ing 360's if they are not breaking down with the 3 red lights, or burning houses down..[i kid]
they are scratching my discs..

Assassin's Creed is really good.. but kinda short.. Prah'lee finished the game by now, if the disc wasn't scratched to death. The good ol' days of blowing cartridges doesn't seem so bad now.


I think it's something in the water. Why are people so obsessed with the weather in the U.K,


In America they handle huge snow storms every year.. we get a bit of snow or rain and roads start to block, and everything slows down.. hate it.. especially when after college all you want to do is get back home but there's traffic 'cause of the weather..

then I'm stuck looking outside the window of a bus at a dark/gloomy/end of the world looking.. London.
I thought these laces will change the gazelles for the better.. the brown laces were too dull.

better uh?


My favourite comedy new show.. goes up there with My Name is Earl, Curb Your.. & Scrubs.

Flight of the Conchords

Music + Comedy.. can't go wrong with that.



p.s- Saigon quits? wtf.. i am not even acknowledging this shit 'till i see a post on Justin's blog.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's been 6 months.. 3 days & 23 hours

since i've been in rehab.. today i finally quit..

Krispy Kremes the legal crack on the mean London streets.. **drools** whilst typing i am eating an apple crumble donut.. with a lil bit of custard in there.

Today, i had to go to a industrial tribunal place in Holborn for college. [i am all for trips near my college.. last time i had to go to a bakery in Mill Hill..]

It was SURPRISINGLY not boring, although some of my class mates disagreed..

I found it interesting 'cause the case we sat in was about a woman that had a blog & "leaked" information about Odeon & she basically said Odeon is a shit-hole to work in and whilst doing that threw some insults to the managers at the branch.

" i hope they all grow warts on their ass"

now if that's not the worst/driest/most uninsulting comment ever... and she got dismissed cause of that after working there for 12 years..

i'll be damned if that ever to me.. 'cause of a cheapo, non-money generating site. Fuck that.


More Jay-Z talk.. you know hip-hop is BIG when you can say
regardless whether Elvis hasn't released an album in 2-3 years?!
No other person has come close to doing what Jay-Z has done.. of course no artist in the next 2000 years is going to be beating the Beatles record.. so Congrats to the big homie.


Looks like i won't be in the U.K to cop "The Cool".. new info has been released about the concept album. and it's characters.

Can you imagine.. if this album is a classic.. and N*E*R*D's new album goes back to basis
[Lord Willin']
the CRS album will be _______________ [indescrible]

"The Streets
Born: Conceived thousands of years ago, when the first paths and roads were paved.
Birthplace: Unknown

Biography: A temptress like none other, The Streets possesses an uncanny knack for seduction and betrayal. An equal opportunity heartbreaker, she exudes an allure irresistible to both men and women. Some have accused her of pedophilia, having lured people into her tangled web at ages as immature as eight years old. The word “love” isn’t in her vocabulary –although The Game is her admitted soulmate. Yet, The Streets has always felt a peculiarly strong connection with Michael Young History."

Just watch this "freestyle"at the B.E.T awards to get a taster of what Lupe is going to release.


'till next time..

*drools* Peace

P.S- I had no place for this.. but Assasin's Creed is out tomorrow.. i got the dreaded red slip for Royal Mail. was suppose to get it today
If it sucks.. you'll see a post about it in a day..

Sunday, November 11, 2007

"He Spits Hot Fiya"


Without Ridley Scott the album wouldn't exist so first and foremost..thank you Mr.Scott


Hip-Hop Album of the year

Can't see how anyone can top this, every track unskippable & i was skeptical when i heard Diddy & his crew were co-producing the album but it turned out for the best..
I mean on paper it sounds like a flop..

- Diddy & The Hitmen producing half of the album
- No kanYe beats
- Album after the "flop" Kingdom Come

That's the last time I judge an album before it's released... and apparently he's making a video for each track on the album but that isn't always a good thing.. if they are like "Roc Boys" though.. atm my least fav.tracks "Sweet" part from that.. album is sick from Pray to Fallin'.

i'll buy the dvd, if he releases a "Streets is Watching" thing.


I've got lil ideas for this little blog of mine [I'm gonna let it shine??]

I am thinking of doing an feature.. weekly/montly.. whatever seems the best..

When i get off my toned-arse i'll start to edit some ish together.. probably..

Bed NOW.. new ish coming on the blog.... For the moment watch this video.. badly-edited by moi.. ofthe Halo 3 Launch event at Imax... ENJOY?!


Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm Back

Shame about the irregularity of my posts, oh well.

  • One month till Christmas in Ghana.. should be good visit.
  • kanYe concert this month... guessing it's a sell-out event gunna be BIG.

and more Good music this month...

If this album is a cross between "Blueprint" and "Reasonable Doubt", I am gunna wait for the release date to hear it.. [yeah people still do that]

i bought Kingdom Come and i didn't think it was that bad.. sure 3-4 tracks were bad [espicially the Chris Martin track] but overall it wasn't a bad album.

Roc Boys Live..

Lupe aka Coolest Nigga What?
judging from the leaked tracks, it's gonna be another good one..
dumb it down.
"I'm fearless
Now hear this
I'm earless
And I'm peerless
That means I'm eyeless
Which means I'm tearless"

He's a beast right??

Shame my iPod broke, freaking iPods you drop it three times and it breaks, Has Apple ever heard of Quality Assurance?

For the moment, i'm reading 1984.. nothing's wrong with a bit of old-fashion entertainment.

'til next time..

you guessed it..

or not... it's

and i had so much to say....