Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First time for everything..

I think i may be buying my first John Legend album when this drops..
and this is coming from a guy that finds R & B verry borrrring...

Classics/Old ish, can't hate but any new records.. BAH.. could never listen, let alone buy an album..

Swear to my "grand mamas daughter" the only R & B album in my collection is parally Ashanti's debut album and that was only copped during my "Murda I.N.C" phase.

The Maturation ofJohn Legend


-That guy who sings on 'Ye's [good] mixtape tracks..

[sidebar: "Home" > "Homecoming" C.M compared to Legend when it comes to being soulful.. ha
no contest]

-The guy that played piano on "Encore"

- John whatshisface.. you know he's on every track kanye's on..

- John Legend.. Oh.. he's good, he's on a track with Estelle

-Wait, Legend signed Estelle?! Big Dog..

-To now, where he is the label running, video featuring, dood he is..


and that people was an accurate view of J.L's career.. if you're thinking otherwise you gotta be his biographer


mondar thought..
Did i slip into an alternative universe whilst sleeping, Dark Knight getting the #1 spot on IMDB.. is crazy..
crazy as in "WTF! A dog is driving a car" not as in crazy. thats crazy kewl

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