Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fuckery continues..

Am I missing something?

Did Jay get so much love from Manchester that he gave them a 'Ye x Hov performance TWICE


Is it just a coincidence that 'Ye's timetable had him at the show.. whichever..

If I don't see a Hov & 'Ye performing on stage in LDN, I'm going to take that shit personal.. foreals


mONdAR Thought
is it weird to ask my sis what pic she wants the media to use if she got stabbed?! personally, think it's thoughtful..

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Ginger Kid said...


Didn't have a video for this, just heard about it.

Check ATCN I just posted it up.

Put u in the props.

(also check ure facebook messages punk)