Friday, July 18, 2008

Illest Post Evaaarr

Why? Do i say this you ask..

Read on

First, i'm walking down to work and i see this on the road..

Now i know what you're thinking, that's ILL right?! In the " ..thats fooking rank" but LOOK at at that fun-loving squirell all flatten up.. R.I.P to the little guy..


Second ill sight not so dreadful, Watched WALL-E today.. sooo ILL.. Review on soon..

All i'll say is if you don't watch this movie then might as well donate your eyes and ears to someone who will use it effectively..



Thirdly, Walking out of the cinema feeling satified with the money spent, I see this on the floor..

FIRRSST, i thought.. Is that a viral Coke ad?? then i thought naa.. Coke-Cola are not that smart.. then i looked again and it said "I LOVE Liz.." Unless thats skreets for Coke, i think it was a love note.

Now if i was a girl, my first thought would have been "thats soo cuutte" since my pants say different, i thought it was the best "graffti" i've seen in a long while.. last time was at this event.

The url for the blog is randomlondonthoughts, so i thought i'll add this piece onto my future posts..

MoNdAr Thought...

Today, i tried booking tickets for Dark Knight, foolishly believing the hype wouldn't have caused sold-out tickets at IMAX.. so wrong!!! Most days are sold-out, if not that they only have crappy seats avaliable.. Is it crazy to book tickets to watch Dark Knight at 2:30 am with friends?!!
I wonder



Mikey McFly™ said...

I dub thee "The UK Blog Killa" GET EM!

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

ha ha..

*salute* to that Philly dood.