Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"God Bless the internet"

If you don't know where that quote is from.. smh.

On to "important" matters

Uniqlo .. now have the UT Sega tees i wanted, now in the Uniqlo store next to HMV in Oxford Street..

Gotta love Uniqlo, update their shit too fast.. sadly i copped these tees last week.. so gotta wait


**Flashing Mob** do duh do duh do doo do do..*

Fuck the haters, flash mob is probably one of the best things the internets produced. Me and My sis went to Liverpool st. to join in the fun, after i saw the NY one.. how could i NOT do it..

I am in the last 30 secs of the vid with my sis..

Better video of the event..

psst.. was on the ABC News website.. :)

Estelle making moves in new complex mag..

delay of the post.. due to the recent health scares about keyboards, mum went and clean the wireless keyboard with fairy liquid & water..

:P - at first...

then they keyboard wasnt working


Not so funny..

luckily, its back just in time for the weekly dose of Lost & the other best show on tv.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When Fantasy meets Reality

psst... heads up this is an obligatory GTA post.. close the tab if:

a) Don't care about GTA

b) You're still here?!

"Up to 100 people witnessed the knife attack outside the Gamestation store in Croydon, ahead of Monday's midnight release of Grand Theft Auto IV."

Two things about this..

1. GTA Midnight Launch in Croydon - Police = wtf?! moment

Being the guy i am, i have been two at least 2 of these things and i assure you there's no one there that will even consider stabbing someone, regardless theres always at least 2 of officers there..

i went to the
Wii launch and that place was riddled with po-po..

2. 100 + People and their all shook ones..

Do i need to say anymore, this is just . sad/scary/and mos defentely bitch ass.

You telling me you're not going to try and get 10 people to run after the guy, and fly-kick him.. nothing and not even a stop/help/wtf are you doing?!

Fuck that
for fellow GTA gamers at the line, i feel the shame of MANY mothers with F graded kids,

Truly they have failed.. and to think an hour later they would be shooting pimps & ho's whilst jacking a car...

goes to show video games don't influence your mind as much as people would like you to believe.

must be something in my water 'cause this must be my 4th rant in a month.. can't be good for my health..


and heck it worked.. and preety well.. if you were in the West End area today, and didn't cawp at least 2 free ice creams today, whats wrong wit u?

Don't like freeness?

the best one was Phish Food.. marshmallow, caramel chocolate.. tasted like heaven on a icey day.

saw this when walking back.. so bait can't believe he didn't get caught doing this near the "Europe's busiest shopping street" . modern-day batman forreal.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Someone's slacking..

With the track being popular, it's boggles the mind why no one has bothered making a parody of the track.. a quick 1 min. brainstorm.. i got lyrics to

'Wearing my Bolex'

'Where is my Rolex'

Upcoming UK rappers obviously aint on their grind, if this was back in the day Sway would have had remix track on the radio a month ago.....

fuck that shit, next week i am releasing 'Where is my rolex' with a standard youtube video...

till then


Friday, April 25, 2008

Thank You and You're Welcome.

On the usual browse of the internets, found a blog which posted a few tracks from this album.

Eagerly i approached the pirates and they gave me the mixtape quick and proper..

it's a bunch of samples from CD to LR with some kanye commentary on them, so it's an Official mixtape also has other samples from tracks he produced.. or didn't in the case of Down n Out.

Here it is, all Sharebeed and ready for your iPod generic mp3 player.


If it makes it any better it was only released in Japan so this is the only way other than getting raped by imports.



Thursday, April 24, 2008


Is that a smile, Nigo?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

" Good rappers aint eating,they olsentwinning"

"feels like am in a music lesson & not in a good way.. as if they are educating me 'cause i know jack and they are the all knowing musicians.
pretentious really.

i love my alternative hip-hop as long as it doesn't sound like some pompous ish.
De-La/J5/more recent Sa-Ra but i js don't feel the roots, listened to most of their albums and only seem to find a couple of likable tracks .

kinda stoopid the front man isn't the the face of the band plus can't feel *pause*
Black Thoughts style. nothing but love for Questlove though.." quoted from a post that was never posted, 16/01/08

You know like when you write a letter to someone you hate and dont post it, but a day [in my case months later you change your mind?] yeah that

[siderbar: The Simpsons IS life/ others artists in the 'lost' post was MF DOOM and Radiohead, now they are some of my fav. artists.. WELL still don't get Radiohead :X]

Now back to your scheduled program..

This track is banging though, got me interested in the album and a mos definite +1 for having Wale on the track

that Birthday Girl shit can piss off..

Tip- Mute the video, then watch it.
great success.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

" The Truth..."

..shall set you free.

this chick has a point, thats why am rolling to the wireless fest... i forgot to add, the guys not going to glasto will probably be at some other fest, so it will probably be a good choice to go glasto this year...


Friday, April 11, 2008

".... wHAT! "

Not one to rant [he says] but this is so seriously stoopidly stupendous..

[BRAP for alliteration]

It must be expressed on the blog, after waiting and getting hyped about this game, i find it they will be selling it for..


£70- WRONG


£100- WRONG

£140- WRONG

£160- WRONG

£180?!!! - DING-DING WE HAVE A WINNER... Collect your bag of poop next door.

What marketing team sat down and saw the facts..

  • £180- Buys a Wii in U.K,
  • £180 can also buy a 360..
  • £180 can also buy a PS2 with Guitar Hero
  • and dont forget about the [#1 two words atm] Credit Crunch.

and with GTA & Super Smash coming out soon, am sure people will be happy enough to fork out £180 for some plastic instruments..


As I type with my eyes filled up with anger/disappointment/and an ounce of fear..

i stop bashing the price of what would have been a great game..

At least some are trying to decrease the price, but the sheer tought of EA daring to put the price this high makes me want to boycott these bastards and buy Guitar Hero for all my friends and family + randoms i see on the street.

Peace [Fuck EA though]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Damn You Japan..

You Win Again...

You get all the gadgets first, Have gazillion Uniqlo stores and now this...

and we are stuck with shabby anime tees..

"It's so unfair, So unreasonable" (c) K.Yeezy


in other news GOOD news, Karl Lagerfeld in GTA IV?

Exams couldnt come sooner, once that bitch is done with.. i'm gonna ride out to some techno music [hand picked by the man himself] and shoot up some po-po..
you know what it IS!

Major EDIT: The Internets is wonderful, complain and the next day you get a bunch of new tees from Uniqlo..

Sadly i live by this phrase.. a walking stereotype in this sense, getting better though since i changed my watch mobile 3 hours ahead
of normal time [exaggerated for comedic effect]

African Time aint the way forward people.. repent.

back to the tees my fav ones are the anime ones,

surprisingly looks nice in pink.. cant get the pic though.. BOO! to flash sites.

more at uniqlo.

their t-shirt game has been upgraded substantially.. wonder why?


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


"the next best thing to god" [for the MWAK fans, i know there's at least 1 there]

w00t w00t... Young Hov performing at 02 Wireless festival, For £40 you could do worse..

Mark Ronson
Hot Chip
in one night?!?


They actually shut-the game down this year, they had Daft Punk last year.. anyway on to the main point of the post.

Can't believe
Glastonbury hasn't sold out of tickets. You know something is wrong when a 70 something-year old man can accept a rapper known for it's music to perform at his festival but a whole lot of people won't even consider listening to him.

Like they know better or Jay-z is somehow not worthy to play at Glastonbury.

Not like it's Curtis [who is popular because of the bullets in his body] or any typical "yadda yadda yahh" rapper.. fuck that shit.
Have no idea how people can be this ignant!!

I know Rap is [probably always] will be looked down on by the public, but by music "fans" that's fucked up...

then again most people going to Glastonbury are probably middle-aged folks hoping to regain their youth..

As the lyricist Soulja Boy would say:



Those that are going Glasto will receive him well though, the stage presence of the dude is immense... it was when i saw him [at the time] his last concert in London


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yeah, i'll do it..

Courtesy of Flickr.

FUCK IT, since it snows in April

[Global Warming at it's best]

that would mean by June it would be sunny, right?!

If i get tickets, am there... great way to end college year.

on a another note.

Watched Memento yesterday,

WTF dosent begin to express how i felt watching that movie and i thought Lost was confusing.