Wednesday, July 9, 2008

3 Three 3 mix: Curtisss: I GET MONEY

^apologies for that..dreadful sight for any eyes

Circa June'07, this track was the hip-hop track for everyone.. YES everyone!

Initially I hated.. money spent on an album which doesn't deliver can make this happen..

[we all make mistakes right?!?]

Going after Ja for singing then singing... tut tut, just one of the reasons Curtis gets no more respek from me..

With Cam'ron doing his collection of funny videos on the dood.. the hate didn't disappear..

BUT the Remixes got me to like this track, even when Curtis was doing "good" tracks [to his standards these days] everyone murdered him on this beat.. especially Ludacris
[sidebar: the most underrated rapper to this current day, he's so consistant it hurts]


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Mikey McFly said...

G Unit is mega whack now anyway