Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girls treat me like Jordan's...

"They Always Have Their Tongue out.."
Skillz Mad Skillz cicra '95


Where's the good hip-hop albums this year?!

Last year at this point:

  • We got some new Common & Kweli,
  • Anticipating Hov's latest,
  • Ye & Curtis were about to beef it out,
  • A UGK album..
  • '06:- Idelwild
need i say more?

Ok, if i must..

  • Dilla,
  • Gnarls Barkley,
  • ROSSSSSSSSSSSS [yes i just put Dilla and Ricky in the same sentence.. and WHAT] and
  • a Luda album that i actually listened to since i passed on his last.

This year has been a bit.. well its been shite so far.. Apart from Nas & The Martian.

Common- Invincible Summer.. changed to Invincible Autumn

Busta- Got it worse, released two tracks, both bangers, good videos, months later no album..
No wonder he was talking greasy to his boss.. OH and then THIS:-

Lets forget about T.I for a moment, that R & B record i heard from him.. -5 rep points..

Some of these artists need to develop some balls, still scared to release their own shit on the internets:

The Facts:
- Your Album is gonna be leaked..
- Regardless, Its STILL possible to sell records when it happens..
[case in point-:Got Leaked/Went Gold]

What I am trying to say in an overly elongated way, Artists need to leak their albums more... then everyone is happy..


mOndaR thoughts
YESS.. I believe he's back, the Guy Richie we all know and love [pre-banging madge] Also features some my fav.doods in the biznass