Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Eat That Shit"

If you didn't know.. GET TO FRICKKIN KNOW.. NOWW

Internets Celebrities are the only guys making good videos on the internets these days.. yeah i said it.. apart from him, him, him, oh definetly these doods and can't forget this dood..

Dallas & Raf are on point always, dare I say from day 1.. so if you do enjoy these vids and are willing to put a bit of dosh to a damn good cause...

I know i will soon enough.

I have no idea how Raf keeps a semi-straight face in these videos.. deserves a round of applause just for that.

Check out the instant classics- Ghetto Big Mac, Checkmate and Cereal is Dope

No i ain't giving you the links to the videos...lazy bastards
^too harsh?!


p.s- watch out for the Tropical Tv project.. we are movin

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