Tuesday, July 8, 2008


For some reason, my computer has been doing some fuckery activities of lately... so I guess the inevitable has happen for me to consider upgrading or throwing the piece of sheet away..



Got the alert from a friend that he had some Bun & Cheese in his house yard obviously i had to quit whatever i was doing and head out there..

I had no idea what B & C was till i was in secondary school and was talking to a couple of Jamaican friends about BBQ's.. initially thought it was a Hamburger Bun and Cheese.. & left it as that thinking it was some ghetts snack..

Actually it's some kind of loaf of Bread with Cheese.. so yeah, it's some ghetts snack..

AND as usual any snack from the skreets taste noice...

I just scratch the surface when it comes to Jamaican food, i mean the fact 101% of Jamaicans pronounce Plantain.. Plaintin [siderbar- it's pronounced plan-t-a-i-n, GET IT RIGHT]
Thats almost annoying enough for me to say fuck Caribbean food.. almost..


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Sade said...

Did u seriously buy that bread that comes in a box? Bread should not be made several weeks/months in advance b4 u eat it.
U should have bought fresh bun.