Friday, July 11, 2008


...for having the only kicks i care about this year... early.. then taking a bunch of pics of them..

The worst thing is the Jordan Pack doesn't have a UK release, so that means get raped by re-sellers on eBay-- [Never Me]


Getting a hook-up from the U.S of A

Either way, apart from the IV's, and those Kaws AF1's which i consider a lost kaws [sorry] probably only being released in New York.

What else can you really look forward to?!

Air Yeezy's? Crazy Overpriced High-Tops? More Retro's?

I try to keep the fashion talk to a minimum, but i will say this:

i remember listening to a WeeklyDrop [R.I.P] podcast

siderbar: The internets is missing a good street wear podcast..

Think it was Steven Vogel talking about trends and how in Japan everyone has started dressing down & going back to basics, this was 2-3 years ago?!

As always, the Japanese hardly get it wrong..

Extra: Interview with Steven Vogel


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