Thursday, March 6, 2008

Skate decks are the new....


Taking a break from finishing my coursework due in tomorrow..
(( BRAP!!for last minute work.. still aint learn't it's wrong but hey.. aint got a E yet."))

Checking the mandatory sites, and guess what i see.. Mr.Broad Saint Bully as a skate deck.

Now i don't skate, don't plan to yet... but come on, even an average business studies student could tell you skate decks aint what he should be selling..

Where's the new era's, "street" dvd's and stuff... but hey i am sure there's 1-2 people that like beans enough to buy a skate deck which took 0.01 sec to make in photoshop.

You would think streetwear "companies" would know that the words LIMITED EDITION is wayy over-used to have any meaning these days..
sad really, "BUY NOW TO FEED MY SHITE DESIGNERS" will work effectively.

and i stop there before i start sounding like those guys.. and vow to never talk about anything streetwear related again.


Thank You Internets for fucking up my education.. next blog post.

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