Friday, July 4, 2008

Jay-Z & Others @ 02 Wireless Festival

"What a difference a day makes, Twenty-Four little hours.."

With the recent happening of me being late, i went to Hyde Park extra early.. so early it was me 6 other people and the glorious sun..

Oh, i spoke too soon..

After some hours [ or what felt like it], others arrived..


I had no idea how many people went to this show but talking to one of the stewards he said it didn't sell that much, compared to some other shows, to be fair the other show at Hyde Park was the one with d Police last UK performance & also had John Mayer.

Looking back I was frikkin' glad i went early, look at that shit.. earliness FTW!!

First on stage.. COOOOOLLLL KIDS

SMH @ the "cool kids" that parally knew the tracks but wasn't showing love.. killed it for the first artist on the main stage
*Due to the Hypeness of Lethal Bizzle's set, No pictures were taken *

My respect for Bizzle +2 points..

Getting bottled probably stepped his game up.. good for him.

Note to self:

Do not mosh in a Bizzle gig, jumping into grown doods may lead to a heart attack...


Next was K-A.. at the tent
Didn't watch the whole set though, Hot Chip was on at the same time..

Met p.g aka Professor Grrreeeeeennnn at the tent..

The main stage was shite for at least 2 hours.. until Hot Chip came on, It rained like crazy before that so anyone playing on the main stage "got air like nike"

It was fate i tells ya, 'cause as soon as we finished watching Kano, ran to the main stage to see Hot Chip and the sun literally busted out.. [n.h]

Props to the Sun God for that one..

Wish it was longer set though was 40 min, no longer than that.. and had to start and stop the show due to technical difficulties.. initiating the inevitable Boo's...

There was No "Wrestlers", "Don't Dance" OR "Made in The Dark" not even the "Wearing My Rolex rmx"

Big Doods coming up now.. Big Dog #2

Marky Mark x Noice Band even including some strings..

3rd Best surprise of the festival was Kenna performing with Ronson, i didn't realize it was him until he was jumping onto some of the scaffolding stuff..
For his first UK appearance, his swagger was on point & had a good performance..

2nd Best surprise of the whole festival was Lily Allen performing, wearing crazy leopard tights.. one of the highlights of the festival??!! i believe so..

Best surprise was Wiley performing with Ronson, which was surprising since Hot Chip remix of "Wearing my rolex" would have been better.. still Wiley killed it as usual..


Big Dog #1


By the time Hov got on stage,

  • Some waste guys behind me where trying to pushing me forward..
  • I had to struggle to not hit people whilst putting my hands up and I'm not that tall
  • Getting doses of beer from flying bottles aint too sweet
and after all that nons, it was still worth it..

The fact that he didnt play his Glasto set was SO important, he definitely added more grimey tracks for the fans, "You Don't Know" & "What More Can I Say" comes to mind..

enough talk.. more pics.. Got a noice view.. maybe 3 rows from the front-row.




Ginger Kid said...

YEEEAAAHHH. Epic post. What a day.

ps. patrick. i need you to send me some fours pictures from wireless, so i can do a wireless post on atcn. safe bludda.

Roc money said...

Sweet! I'm pissed I missed this.

Lilly Allen looking thick in them pics, boy....She can get the biznaz.

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

^Thats what i'm saying..

Mikey McFly said...

Co-sign on Lily Allen getting th biznaz, but getting it from me...

Yo dope ass post fam..Making me step my blogging game up..

Extra kudos due to the presence of Hov

clyde said...

I'm so jealous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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