Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun, Exciting and Thoughtful

^ The above is not in this post.

Around this time last year, i registered on the weird/wonderful site Youtube, not to post videos mainly because [i had a video camera that took forever to work with my PC]

that and i had no idea


I mean What hasn't been done .. that i could do..

i actually got the camera working on the pc after one year[ shows what i know about computers] and finally posted a video on the tube.. of course expecting overnight popularity as most guys/gals on youtube...

[guess what.. it didn't happen] :(

i did however.. somehow.. did a ridiculously badly edited video about "How to wear a new era cap" the wikipedia Page of tongue-in cheek should have a link to my video...

Most of the time i got comments which were inevitable,
"Stupid [insert racial slur here]"


but sometimes i got the "Good Vid" and "LoL" so hey i guess i did something right?

Over the few months though i realised i was getting a few hundred views a day, of what i considered a video, EVEN I won't watch.. and i have watched a video of a donut rolling on the floor..

Seriously before i knew it, i nearly had 10,000 people watching my stupid face trying to instruct people " how to wear a cap" .. dumb as it sounds, some people [more likely kids] took it seriously and started asking questions as if i knew wtf i was talking about.. and to put an actual point to this blog post..

[*Cough* Puts on serious voice]

It's amazing how easily people can follow each other, whether in Fashion, Life or with stupid trends..

Well that's the most insightful thought you're going to get from this blog.. and it wasn't even that insightful..

To end this blog.. I leave by saying..

9/11 Graduation.. because we all want Curtis to retire

Buy two copies and give one to a friend seriously...

P.s- if you want to see that video of me x new era x foolishness..

type in "new era cap" in youtube and see what you get.