Friday, September 14, 2007

Following the crowd? Hell Naw!!

Just has to be done.. k.west. graduation. released. iCopped.

Now i have gone through the small talk, the specifics..
Album cover is actually great, the Album art work is fantastic, i mean his last two were nice.. but weren't nothing out of this world..

Murakami hooked kanYe up, and i am hoping this snippet from an advert is just not a little advert.. but a full-length cartoon..
If i was dreaming.. i would be hoping for a full-length movie, something like what Daft Punk did.. who knows. could happen..

i LIE.. i wasn't going to do much talking about the album, just that the album is.. the following:

1. Not the best out of his albums, but that dosen't mean it's shite.. just not his best..

2. It's more than likely you will be nodding you head like cRaZy when you hear "Flashing Lights"

3. Unlike any other kanYe album, i feel many songs have to grow on you.. i heard "Barry Bonds" a while back [thinking it was for Wayne's album].. initially i thought the track was ass..
i mean.. everyone did.. but after a few more listens, Wayne's verse is entertaining [because it makes you laugh,
his lyrics are hilarious.]

4. He's been saying in a couple of interviews.. this album is for stadiums/concerts, you won't hear a "Jesus Walks" on the album.. but goddamit.. if
"Big Brother" isn't good enough for you.. buy Klaxons or some ish like that.

5. Buy the album... to make CURTIS stfu.

To conclude the blog.. something something something.. this month shud be the most entertaining month of this year.. [well for me anyway] Example's album being released [ if you don't know, it's too late, you OVER-slept], Halo 3 being released.. [i am hoping for lots of rain, so i have an excuse for not leaving the house], & alerady Graduation has been released and been on repeat since the release date.

What More Can I say?

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