Friday, November 28, 2008


me x godfather of grime..


moNdar thoughts
JME is some erratic dood, couldn't even stop him to get a pic

3 videos

All featuring kanYe..


Where's the crowd?!


Note to self: Do not ask kanye to play Connect 4.. you're just gonna look like a nervous wreck like this guy.. Horrible yet funny interview [for the wrong reasons]


Samples from C.D to Hate O'Hate..


mondaR thoughts
i was somehow put in a position where i had to watch "Quarantine"
i still contemplating whether i should bother writing a review for such a shite movie

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


DJ Clark Kent needs a blog

Hell if 'Ye can blog anyone can..dood has too many good interviews & he drops knowledge in all of them, there was this surprisingly truthful comment on nahright comment section, that said conscious rappers like Common never seem to have interviews like this but C.K just says ish too well..

Serious...5 -Part interview.. watch all

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hate O' Hate & ♥break

Damn you kanYe you've done it again..

Funny thing is, the haters are going to be slobbering all over his nuts [n.h] when he comes back on B.P3.. clearly still got it


monDar thoughts
How can "Paranoid" NOT be your fav. track on this album... HOWWWW!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Experience it..

So i wake up and get the news from a housemate that the new dashboard is out, that new Xbox Experience malarkey is a bit over the top.. but it is really preetty now..

It's preety much the same, with the added Mii knockoff's avatars, which is harder to find anything resembling your body, let alone your face.. took me 10 mins to find a black dood.. I'M SERIOUS!

Working progress...

Preppy look FTW!!

Is it me or does ever avatar have a "suspect" look about them...


mondaR thoughts
Rock Band 2.. oh thats getting copped..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

but wait there's more..

Some bits i missed posting from last-week..

Purpbag P talking about what should be thrown on stage..

Kid Cudi performing "Day N Nite" @ Glow in the dark show [short though :(

kanYe performing "Heard 'Em Say" the effects on this is crazy, glad i wasn't at the front row for this part.


mondaR thoughts
oh thats.. crazy i'm guessing kanYe seen that vid..
w00t w00t

Monday, November 17, 2008

Trading Places 5

soon come..

tbh, after the night i had last week, dare i say this didn't look as major as it should.. STILL big for the ATCN crew

i just realised how to make pics bigger on here, thanks to

Image Hosted by

it's safe after blogging for a year,
OH and since we are talking about losing, i also just listened to the Jay-Z x Coldplay track properly [extremely late] at this rate: Blueprint 3 > Kingdom Come but will it be better than A.G.. don't think so! oh and i was right..

monDar thoughts
i always thought what derkhead would pay for flickr pro.. then i started using flickr properly..
in 2 days i've run out my limit.. damn you flickr...

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i just read the nahright sidebar.. and saw this..

LAWLZ.. Look at that rant observation? He went in.... as he said at the 02 show..



mondar THoughts..
w00t w00t vid got around..
oh and i will be using that stoopidly sick (c) semtex
pic anytime 'Ye gets a mention here..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

kanYe @ the 02-12/11/08

He's back at the 02 better, faster, stro.. Glow In The Dark tour '08

[insert pic of kanye tickets here]
For some b.s reason, they take your tickets at the 02 now.


Kid Cudi..

Plain Pat WHAT UP!

Kid Cudi, noice performer only did 3 tracks and i most of the audience didn't clock who he was until "Day N Nite" dropped.. plus anyone that throws a bape cap in the crowd is sick to me...

Mr.H & The Library..

The new G.O.O.D music recruits, repping the U.K the only way it should be..
That new track is fire, and the new track he did with Big Sean sounds sick as well..


The Speech/Freestyle.. which took forevverr to upload, so please.. WATCH!

The remixed versions of every song, Estelle coming out for "American Boy" [which was spoilt for me 'cause i knew she was performing] witnessing an infamous kanYe speech/rant/freestyling session for 12 minutes... WOWZARS..

At this moment in time
kanYe live shows > ______________

A G.O.O.D music tour would = :-0


moNdar thoughts..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

kanYe's afterparty.. :O

SO... it went like this

De La Soul,
Mos Def, 
Kid Cudi,
Big Sean, 
freaking.. Damon Halburn..

all in one place.. kanye's afterparty, i actually forgot i went to a kanye concert.. and oh yeah you know my camera run out of batteries after kanYe went overtime with his speech/freestyle at the concert.. that 15 min vid [coming later on today], so i got no pics of this sick event that took place... but trust.. classic hip-hop ish.. i mean all spontaneous &

 De-La doing "Stake's Is High"- VIBES--VIBRATIONS oh yeah.. & they did "..Saturday"

 Nas doing "Made you Look"- BRRRAAVVEHEARTS

Kanye performing Heartless after the crowd requested it..

Mos Def... being Mos Def..

Kid Cudi and Big Sean going crraazzy on stage..

urrrrgghhhh too sick... too much ish.. someone was recording it with a big-man camera so should be on the net eventually.

kanYe @ 02.. pics when i wake..

i was that close to kanye.. THAT CLOSE..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

N*E*R*D @ Roundhouse

Suprisingly, i got to see N*E*R*D, being excited about the kanYe gig i didn't realise I bought tickets for Wednesday gig

1. Suprised the show was sold-out
2. Real suprised to get tickets- thanks to the good ol' scalpers of Camden
3. Really Re [you get the point] that the place wasn't full of people in head to toe bape.. prally was just less noticeable since they stopped using the rainbow with every piece of clothing

Note to self, consider missing DJ sets at "Non-Hip-Hop" gigs, the chick they had dj'ing had the crowd moving, but then got to a point where it looked similar to a recent graph of the stock exchange..

It was going well, then  just got realll dry.. how can you NOT play "S.L.U" hoowwwww she could have played "A Millie" on repeat it would have been better than hearing Chris Brown.. [no offense]

and after what seemed to be a frikking while... N*E*R*D got on

Well.. most of N*E*R*D - Chad.. FAM-LAY did join the stage though.. 

the part where girls go ape shit to get on stage...

sssstttttttaaaarrrrrrrr trak

mos definitely worth it.. just to hear the classic n*e*r*d songs live... shame no mosh pits or crowd surfing.. and it did seem short but thats probably because there was no supporting act