Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Easily Influenced.. na!

"hear me on the radio, think I could not be blacker,
but on my video, you see I'm really a cracker,
pretending I was a rasta since I was in jammies"

For some reason, (i forget why) i was singing informer with my sister, and i only found out he was white not only that AND Canadian?!

You learn something new everyday.

anyways, there's a lot that brings me joy, music, the xbox, the internets and of course food..

Can't cook for shit, but if you give me a recipe hey.. i do a pretty good job.

recently.. American pancakes sandwich with eggs and bacon..

i thank god i don't live in america.. my calorie intake would be off the charts.

Try it out, if you're bored.. i js did it 'cause i had no idea what to eat for breakfast...

and Rob Heppler's picture just encouraged me to do it.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Black & White ftw.

Looking forward to Estelle's new album now, the tracks she played at the kanYe gig were on point.

overslept on "The 18th Day"

Sadly not one of the best videos kanye has featured in,

and my favourite

gotta love the dancing in the back.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Someone Failed

"There were phases where I could just do the bear on a Polo and it would’ve made $100 million. At a certain point. But I always say I was a designer before I was a rapper, and I really wanted to get into design." Kanye West

what went wrong 'Ye, It's not like you have money problems. You're doing one HUGE favor for your Big Brother shit.. they look like bad ice creams..

Must have got a truck-load of money for this:

If i had to choose one, it would be this one.. just for the faux gucci colours..

Tomorrow, seeing that movie that's loved by everyone .. should be good... just haven't decided which one, you wait for one good movie then 3 come along at once.. wonder why? hmmm.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"What Do I Know......"

the wait is actually killing me, currently my hair is falling out and i can't eat till i see the video..

Sadly, this is just a trailer for the upcoming video, which is quite nice.. i mean for the girl alone it's sick..

Its on the Rocafella site now, for some reason you can't embed videos from their site.. stoopid.

EDIT: Onsmash as always quick with the videos, have it on their site

I fail to believe this is the video, i reckon he's releasing more than one video.. or this is the trailer.
He even posted a picture of a scene on his blog, and this looks nothing like the video..

Update 2: If your wondering.. i know i was when i watched the video, the chick is called Rita...


patiently waiting NOT!

P.s- i just watched the worst jerry springer episode ever.. horrible actors, dangerously slow guys talking.. probably from the south or something 'cause there were so many awkward silences i thought the tv was fucking up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Murder on the bus lane..

"Pigeon caught slippin' " was the alternative title..

anywho, one of my fav. groups and undoubtedly one of the most underrated groups in hip-hop Beastie Boys

Grinds my gears, anytime i mention Beastie Boys 99.99999% of the time i will get laughed at or get the "wtf" look.. kinda looks like this:

Personally I'll take B.Boys over The Roots

-the energy,
-the beats,
-lyrically more fun ..

i could go on and Beastie's soulful ish aint too shabby either.

"fight for your right" is okay but it's all about Intergalactic for me.. has a special place in my heart..

-First song i ever downloaded illegally

back when limewire was riddled with porn [:)] and viruses [:(]

[side bar: you heard about that b.s plan the government want to introduce. cutting the internet for those bastards that illegally download.
LAWLZ at the idea that the ISP will send you an email warning you to stop illegally downloading, good lucking getting my email]

Still aint heard the new instrumental album, but as soon as i see it in the record store.. COPPED.

Best of.. [just a really short best of..]

stupidly sick (c) Semtex peformance of Ch-Ch-Ch- Check it out!!

kanYe's cameo is stupendous..

a blog over at hypebeast posted a bunch of live albums from the mighty trio.. so thats me sorted for the week.


-watching lily allens tv show on bbc 3.. atm 7 min into the show and it's what you expect... shame, why producers think youtube x tv = Good TV.. it doesn't.. fails so badly.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Has to be said..

Alexis was looking super-sexy at the Grammy's..

i think anyone super-talented like Hancock should win a Grammy deservedly,

it's not like Soulja Boy won it.. i admit i am a kanYe stan but sheeezz some guys were acting kanYe got robbed or something.. Fuck a Grammy ..

He killed it with the performance, a Daft punk remix of Stronger is WELL overdue, that little 30 second mix was....

Incase you somehow missed it loser here's the mp3 of his performance.

Past weekend nonsense

Found some nice stuff, good range of shops.. nike outlet had some okay sb's (puff & stuff) and the usual.. i did see this though..

When i saw this over at the WAH! blog i thought it was some bastard guy sick idea, come to life with photoshop... but it's real... and my gad does it look silly face-to face... someone MUST have got fired for that.. fuck that, a whole department should be closed for this.

LAWLZ at's grammy rap... the beat was nice, the lyrics were just.. Watch!



Monday, February 4, 2008

Ghana '07

After the processing [yes, i used film] and uploading the pics onto flickr.. EXTRA LONG..
here's some pics of the trip..

Just click the pic.. and hop along to my flickr.

Image Hosted by

Sunday, February 3, 2008


"you can't stop the sunset" Charlie Boy

Don't hate Naija boys. it's not your time.. not now, not ever!

BARE silence from the Nigerians in college, couldn't even answer back from my taunts.. shame really.. i wanted to have a argument.

Did anyone notice the Nigerians still praying chanting after the game finished.. funny bunch aren't they!