Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Racism is still alive...."

"they just be concealing it"

New trailer is out for Resident Evil 5 and Capcom got a little controv with this one.. since they released the preview last year.

Its based in Africa, so you expect the zombies to be black


Past RES games have a hench white army guy killing a shit load of zombies


So what you get is a game with a white army guy killing bunch of black people zombies


In what world is that racist.. [parally a world where i wear skinny jeans and shop at Topshop]

Regardless of the fact, other RES games have ethnic zombies..
[lol ethnic zombies]

If you replace white zombies with black zombies..
have the zombies act the same way, as the white zombies..
then why is it deemed racist?

OH I SEE.. you want the black zombies to act civilized and talk to the dood before eating him?!]

Can this game really make people think less about Africans? Probably not.. i like to believe most gamers are not that ignant.

This guy said the trailer shows "classic racist imagery."

See for yourself..

Personally, I don't see it..
With the new trailer, they announced the doods partner is a black woman.. so if peeps do deem it as racist, at least you can play it on co-op and let the zombies kill the "white devil"


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Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

that's the way political correctness is going these days...its pathetic.