Monday, June 2, 2008


Nothing better than a bunch of doods screaming over an impossible K.O.. crazy.. gotta watch.

Street Fighter IV please come sooner..

I have little/no knowledge on Seinfeld..
[i rented it off lovefilms once, i probably got a season 3 dvd or something 'cause i had no idea what was going on]

'Course i know the characters and the controvesy about some dood in the show.. thats 'bout it.

NEVERTHELESS, This new Wale Mixtape is parally one of the best mix-tapes in a while..

Mos definitely puts him above all the other "hipster rappers"
[sidebar] that term is gonna die out soon since every new rapper i've seen can be labeled as a hipster..

These doods should have blown up 3 years ago.. might have had a niche audience...



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