Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Not?!

Chris Martin- Thanks for coming to the gig, ready for the Glastonbury show??

Jay-Z- err.. about that Chris, you know i wanted to get a couple of guests on the show

Chris Martin- Yeah?! Good luck with that, I'm sure B will be interested

Jay-Z- Huh huh, so Can i count you in?

Chris Martin- Well i got a tour coming up soon, so will be busy

Jay-Z- I see.. well you know i gotta appeal to the regular audience as well..

Chris Martin- True, but got a busy schedule with the upcoming tour..

Jay-Z- I'll put you on when i play "Encore"

Chris Martin- I'll be there..

Young Hov looking paranoid at a Coldplay gig & Has the same "rainman "look he had in that documentary..

Am i right? or am i right?! Jay needs to jump on a Coldplay beat

jay loving the coldplay



Mikey McFly said...

That would an excellent collaboration and by the way, isn't the guy from the UK version of the Office.

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

Yessirr.. the legend that is Ricky Gervais, created The office.