Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fly or See Sounds

After the 5th listen, preety much got an opinion on the latest offering from N*E*R*D

The album is nothing like "Fly Or Die" but then again it has tracks that are similar to "FOD" e.g Sooner or Later, got that "Maybe" sound and there's tracks like "Thrasher"/"Breakout" but much better. e.g- "Kill Joy"

The sound they got from "Everyone Nose" resounds through the album, Pharrell swagger is on point.. gotta love "Yeah You" and Production wise, the UK Bonus track saves the day for me.. otherwise would have considered it a bit better than Fly Or Die.


Listening to the album, its so evident that they MUST release a Live album, songs like
"Kill joy" got a lack of energy
[not to sure if i missing something here, the track is called "KILL JOY"]
but sounds really lifeless compared to the live track i heard.

Same for most of the tracks on the album..

Album for the summer??
[ looks like it w/Busta's album being pushed wayy back..]


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Mikey McFly said...

Yeah you is my fav track