Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can you say Destroy...

....'cause you know Young Hov just did that to the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury 
what the fuck is a Kings of Leon?

What made it better is that he had B right there, Chris could have played and he could have called in a bunch of other guests but naa.. did it Uno and still ripped it excluding some bait methods to get the crowd hype.. [Let me hear this side of the crowd?! come on now!!]

Can't wait to see him next week.. expect pics & vids doods/doodetts?
[I'm sure there's one reading]


Oh and Apologies for the" ingenious" posts of recent,  had a busy week, different from the usual.. aka Doing Jack shit..

Next week sadly might be the same, Got a summer job [£££ BUT WORK= :-( ] but at least you get some good [lord willin'] pics/vids of Wireless "Fest" 
[Cool Kids/Santogold/Marky Mark and Hov.. aint too shabby in my eyes]

and after that week the Lupe gig at Somerset house..
[front row status is a must for that show]


He did Wonderwall.. He actually walked on stage and did Wonderwall..

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