Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When Fantasy meets Reality

psst... heads up this is an obligatory GTA post.. close the tab if:

a) Don't care about GTA

b) You're still here?!

"Up to 100 people witnessed the knife attack outside the Gamestation store in Croydon, ahead of Monday's midnight release of Grand Theft Auto IV."

Two things about this..

1. GTA Midnight Launch in Croydon - Police = wtf?! moment

Being the guy i am, i have been two at least 2 of these things and i assure you there's no one there that will even consider stabbing someone, regardless theres always at least 2 of officers there..

i went to the
Wii launch and that place was riddled with po-po..

2. 100 + People and their all shook ones..

Do i need to say anymore, this is just . sad/scary/and mos defentely bitch ass.

You telling me you're not going to try and get 10 people to run after the guy, and fly-kick him.. nothing and not even a stop/help/wtf are you doing?!

Fuck that
for fellow GTA gamers at the line, i feel the shame of MANY mothers with F graded kids,

Truly they have failed.. and to think an hour later they would be shooting pimps & ho's whilst jacking a car...

goes to show video games don't influence your mind as much as people would like you to believe.

must be something in my water 'cause this must be my 4th rant in a month.. can't be good for my health..


and heck it worked.. and preety well.. if you were in the West End area today, and didn't cawp at least 2 free ice creams today, whats wrong wit u?

Don't like freeness?

the best one was Phish Food.. marshmallow, caramel chocolate.. tasted like heaven on a icey day.

saw this when walking back.. so bait can't believe he didn't get caught doing this near the "Europe's busiest shopping street" . modern-day batman forreal.


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