Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Damn You Japan..

You Win Again...

You get all the gadgets first, Have gazillion Uniqlo stores and now this...

and we are stuck with shabby anime tees..

"It's so unfair, So unreasonable" (c) K.Yeezy


in other news GOOD news, Karl Lagerfeld in GTA IV?

Exams couldnt come sooner, once that bitch is done with.. i'm gonna ride out to some techno music [hand picked by the man himself] and shoot up some po-po..
you know what it IS!

Major EDIT: The Internets is wonderful, complain and the next day you get a bunch of new tees from Uniqlo..

Sadly i live by this phrase.. a walking stereotype in this sense, getting better though since i changed my watch mobile 3 hours ahead
of normal time [exaggerated for comedic effect]

African Time aint the way forward people.. repent.

back to the tees my fav ones are the anime ones,

surprisingly looks nice in pink.. cant get the pic though.. BOO! to flash sites.

more at uniqlo.

their t-shirt game has been upgraded substantially.. wonder why?


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