Monday, March 24, 2008

Yeah and what?!

As much as i love music, never bothered learning to play an instrument, probably like 90% of the population.
so like any normal person... I don't bother making it my mission to learn an instrument.. Fuck That, aint got that kind of time [yeah right!!??] not to mention the price..

Rather play an instrument on a video game, look at the facts..

Real Instruments

-Ability to pick-up chicks increases by 10%


Fake instruments

- Able to 'jam' with people worldwide
- No need for maintenance
- Portable.. play on the streets

Fake instruments WIN

Ever since i played on some bongos with Donkey Kong, been fiending for music video games ever since..

Best to come in '08

Rock Band.

Plastic Guitars + Good Songs = Cool

Plastic Guitars + Good Songs + Karaoke = Great

Plastic Guitars + Good Songs + Karaoke + Plastic Drums = Sick

Plastic Guitars + Good Songs + Karaoke + Plastic Drums + Online Play = ????

Yeah, i couldn't find a word to describe it.. my vocabulary is shit slacking these days..

Damn EA for not releasing it in EU yet, why must you taunt me oh omnipotent one.

[Hey, what do you know the vocabulary is on the rise :S]

Drum Battle on Rock Band

Alternative.. no contest right?!


A real-life working synthesizer on a DS?!

Sure after a year, i may have created a mashed up version of flashing lights but hey gotta start somewhere..

Can't forget about the classics like Rez, truly revolutionary.

A music game which works as a vibrator? Genius marketing, the first woman/man to use that must be japanese..

aint you heard?? if you need the sex, migrate to the land of the rising sun..

and on that note.


If you haven't watched the South Park episode about plastic guitars and it's awesomeness..
Thank me later..

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