Tuesday, April 8, 2008


"the next best thing to god" [for the MWAK fans, i know there's at least 1 there]

w00t w00t... Young Hov performing at 02 Wireless festival, For £40 you could do worse..

Mark Ronson
Hot Chip
in one night?!?


They actually shut-the game down this year, they had Daft Punk last year.. anyway on to the main point of the post.

Can't believe
Glastonbury hasn't sold out of tickets. You know something is wrong when a 70 something-year old man can accept a rapper known for it's music to perform at his festival but a whole lot of people won't even consider listening to him.

Like they know better or Jay-z is somehow not worthy to play at Glastonbury.

Not like it's Curtis [who is popular because of the bullets in his body] or any typical "yadda yadda yahh" rapper.. fuck that shit.
Have no idea how people can be this ignant!!

I know Rap is [probably always] will be looked down on by the public, but by music "fans" that's fucked up...

then again most people going to Glastonbury are probably middle-aged folks hoping to regain their youth..

As the lyricist Soulja Boy would say:



Those that are going Glasto will receive him well though, the stage presence of the dude is immense... it was when i saw him [at the time] his last concert in London


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