Wednesday, April 23, 2008

" Good rappers aint eating,they olsentwinning"

"feels like am in a music lesson & not in a good way.. as if they are educating me 'cause i know jack and they are the all knowing musicians.
pretentious really.

i love my alternative hip-hop as long as it doesn't sound like some pompous ish.
De-La/J5/more recent Sa-Ra but i js don't feel the roots, listened to most of their albums and only seem to find a couple of likable tracks .

kinda stoopid the front man isn't the the face of the band plus can't feel *pause*
Black Thoughts style. nothing but love for Questlove though.." quoted from a post that was never posted, 16/01/08

You know like when you write a letter to someone you hate and dont post it, but a day [in my case months later you change your mind?] yeah that

[siderbar: The Simpsons IS life/ others artists in the 'lost' post was MF DOOM and Radiohead, now they are some of my fav. artists.. WELL still don't get Radiohead :X]

Now back to your scheduled program..

This track is banging though, got me interested in the album and a mos definite +1 for having Wale on the track

that Birthday Girl shit can piss off..

Tip- Mute the video, then watch it.
great success.


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