Friday, April 11, 2008

".... wHAT! "

Not one to rant [he says] but this is so seriously stoopidly stupendous..

[BRAP for alliteration]

It must be expressed on the blog, after waiting and getting hyped about this game, i find it they will be selling it for..


£70- WRONG


£100- WRONG

£140- WRONG

£160- WRONG

£180?!!! - DING-DING WE HAVE A WINNER... Collect your bag of poop next door.

What marketing team sat down and saw the facts..

  • £180- Buys a Wii in U.K,
  • £180 can also buy a 360..
  • £180 can also buy a PS2 with Guitar Hero
  • and dont forget about the [#1 two words atm] Credit Crunch.

and with GTA & Super Smash coming out soon, am sure people will be happy enough to fork out £180 for some plastic instruments..


As I type with my eyes filled up with anger/disappointment/and an ounce of fear..

i stop bashing the price of what would have been a great game..

At least some are trying to decrease the price, but the sheer tought of EA daring to put the price this high makes me want to boycott these bastards and buy Guitar Hero for all my friends and family + randoms i see on the street.

Peace [Fuck EA though]

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