Monday, November 17, 2008

Trading Places 5

soon come..

tbh, after the night i had last week, dare i say this didn't look as major as it should.. STILL big for the ATCN crew

i just realised how to make pics bigger on here, thanks to

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it's safe after blogging for a year,
OH and since we are talking about losing, i also just listened to the Jay-Z x Coldplay track properly [extremely late] at this rate: Blueprint 3 > Kingdom Come but will it be better than A.G.. don't think so! oh and i was right..

monDar thoughts
i always thought what derkhead would pay for flickr pro.. then i started using flickr properly..
in 2 days i've run out my limit.. damn you flickr...


SPECKS said...

i should've thrown a T and not fours. apologies.

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

live and learn...


lil naked boi said...

specks fucked up there. but there are more opportunites to throw the T. just throw a T during a ATCN shoot or something.