Tuesday, November 11, 2008

N*E*R*D @ Roundhouse

Suprisingly, i got to see N*E*R*D, being excited about the kanYe gig i didn't realise I bought tickets for Wednesday gig

1. Suprised the show was sold-out
2. Real suprised to get tickets- thanks to the good ol' scalpers of Camden
3. Really Re [you get the point] that the place wasn't full of people in head to toe bape.. prally was just less noticeable since they stopped using the rainbow with every piece of clothing

Note to self, consider missing DJ sets at "Non-Hip-Hop" gigs, the chick they had dj'ing had the crowd moving, but then got to a point where it looked similar to a recent graph of the stock exchange..

It was going well, then  just got realll dry.. how can you NOT play "S.L.U" hoowwwww she could have played "A Millie" on repeat it would have been better than hearing Chris Brown.. [no offense]

and after what seemed to be a frikking while... N*E*R*D got on

Well.. most of N*E*R*D - Chad.. FAM-LAY did join the stage though.. 

the part where girls go ape shit to get on stage...

sssstttttttaaaarrrrrrrr trak

mos definitely worth it.. just to hear the classic n*e*r*d songs live... shame no mosh pits or crowd surfing.. and it did seem short but thats probably because there was no supporting act



B.B. Manik said...

I'm gonna sound like dick asking this, but I was at that gig & managed to get on stage for a bit. Don't suppose you have any other pics do you?

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

NA sorry, was spazzing out when all the doods were on stage, so didnt take pics then.

B.B. Manik said...

Fair enough. Can't blame ya, they did their thing. Aint been to a gig that good in a while. Only thing I'd say is, next time they need a live act to open!

Don't understand why Fam-Lay didn't just do it?!