Thursday, November 13, 2008

kanYe @ the 02-12/11/08

He's back at the 02 better, faster, stro.. Glow In The Dark tour '08

[insert pic of kanye tickets here]
For some b.s reason, they take your tickets at the 02 now.


Kid Cudi..

Plain Pat WHAT UP!

Kid Cudi, noice performer only did 3 tracks and i most of the audience didn't clock who he was until "Day N Nite" dropped.. plus anyone that throws a bape cap in the crowd is sick to me...

Mr.H & The Library..

The new G.O.O.D music recruits, repping the U.K the only way it should be..
That new track is fire, and the new track he did with Big Sean sounds sick as well..


The Speech/Freestyle.. which took forevverr to upload, so please.. WATCH!

The remixed versions of every song, Estelle coming out for "American Boy" [which was spoilt for me 'cause i knew she was performing] witnessing an infamous kanYe speech/rant/freestyling session for 12 minutes... WOWZARS..

At this moment in time
kanYe live shows > ______________

A G.O.O.D music tour would = :-0


moNdar thoughts..