Wednesday, November 12, 2008

kanYe's afterparty.. :O

SO... it went like this

De La Soul,
Mos Def, 
Kid Cudi,
Big Sean, 
freaking.. Damon Halburn..

all in one place.. kanye's afterparty, i actually forgot i went to a kanye concert.. and oh yeah you know my camera run out of batteries after kanYe went overtime with his speech/freestyle at the concert.. that 15 min vid [coming later on today], so i got no pics of this sick event that took place... but trust.. classic hip-hop ish.. i mean all spontaneous &

 De-La doing "Stake's Is High"- VIBES--VIBRATIONS oh yeah.. & they did "..Saturday"

 Nas doing "Made you Look"- BRRRAAVVEHEARTS

Kanye performing Heartless after the crowd requested it..

Mos Def... being Mos Def..

Kid Cudi and Big Sean going crraazzy on stage..

urrrrgghhhh too sick... too much ish.. someone was recording it with a big-man camera so should be on the net eventually.

kanYe @ 02.. pics when i wake..

i was that close to kanye.. THAT CLOSE..

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