Tuesday, August 12, 2008

zshare BLOCKED In U.K

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First i thought it was just my shite laptop, then i thought zshare was down , but now i am certain ISP's are blocking zshare..

So fucked up it's unbelievable, blocking zshare?! Are they nuts..

It's not our fault, the music industry flopped.. how can you block a website and not give a warning

This is how it stars people the long slippery slope of ISP's blocking sites:

It begins with zshare then sharebee, then any of the hundreds sites distributing these links..

Restricted Internet with NO warning, mos defintely a court case waiting to happen

The media are not reporting this, because its only a few ISP's: BT, Virgin & Talk Talk that are doing it, bet they'll start reporting it when its too late.

Calling those bastards today to see what the dealio, will update soon

-According to Virgin Media, they have nothing to do with it and they can't block websites.
So that would mean it's zshare biznass.. or someones chatting shit.

-zshare is back working now & we will never know why it was down for weeks..


monDar thoughts
oh and its all your fault!!


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yo if u need the hook up i can help..ima monster with rapidshare

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