Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I've been listening to Charles Hamilton mixtape for a couple of days,

sidebar: Is zshare working for anyone in the U.K?! I NEED TO KNOW

The mixtape is kool even though he comes off a bit too arrogant & cocky.. [yes i know he's a a rapper& that's part of his job], but constantly laughing on a track is not a good look.... needs to have a talk with my man Sheik..


You'll be happy to know someone that can rap spat some hot fiyah onto the songs from the
\Sonic 1 & 2 [aka best video game & soundtracks evverrr]

Rap songs with lyrical content referring to video games
[always great] i will never utter the words nerd rap on this blog.

The first one i ever heard cicra '99.. remember thinking it was the greatest song ever

moNdar thoughts
The titles refers to the age old question of whos better mario or sonic..


landLORD said...

... Charles Hamilton is my choice for rookie of the year ... but you're right ... the repeated laughing at his own wordplay is unnecessary ...

Anonymous said...

no zshare for me, is it a UK thing? im in the UK, cant stream or download

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

same, must be a U.K thing or a ISP thing, either way fucked up.. government cant be blocking sites, we're not in China

this site works when using zshare..