Thursday, August 7, 2008

i went to bed..

then all this happened..

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i remember thinking WTF!! when i heard "Blue Magic" so imma keep my opinions to myself at this moment, BUT that snippet of "Jocking Jay-Z" reminds me of the snippet to CTMN,
in the sense of its gonna keep me hyped for months..

It still suprises me that there hasn't been a CRS performace yet, was hoping to see that but the vid to Everyone Nose is good enough..

Obvious questions to be asked on the Everyone nose rmx vid:

1- Eyewear on Purpbag P-: MaisonMartinMargeila

2- The video is purposely made pixelated.. Hype Williams recorded in HD and made it pixelated..
[i'm not complaining, just seems like a waste of money]

3.- Why didn't they show more of the footage of 'Ye and P??
The face Ye pulls [pause at the 55sec mark] is hilarious..

mOnDaR thoughts
i jocked jay-z all day long.. [yes homo]

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Mikey McFly™ said...

"i jocked jay-z all day long.. [yes homo]"