Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's got them..

Watching Music Television [accidentally i swear] the video for "Area Codes" was playing & it got me reminiscing about the album version with the extended ho'isms..
" it's a hip hop ho'llercoaster"
Jokes, so i checked Youtube for that, couldn't find that, BUT i did find this:

and it's soo evident.. did u see all the chicks he's smashed in that vid..."must be the shoes"

John Mayer got that "i could be a part-time comedian" swag to him, shows in these videos..

The adverts he did with Alicia Keys.. Kinda funny.. can't lie

oh and his music is alright..


moNDar thoughts
boo on double posting...

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Ginger Kid said...

John Mayer is a G.

He is like me, but not as good.