Monday, May 26, 2008

Deal Real mixtape: Mr.Hudson & The Library

R.I.P Deal Real.. i hardly knew ye..

Mr. H & The Library been a fav. of mine ever since i heard their Acoustic set on Ras Kwame.. in '06
[BBC need to make a library of all their radio shows public.. its so necessary]

The group had a live performance at Deal Real [was sick] and handed out a mixtape with some of their songs, and artists i am guessing they like/influence by.

Ripping a CD feels frikkin' ancient, in 10 years time we'll probably get mixtapes through bluetooth whilst walking down the street...

EDIT: I just realised some people may have never heard the group, LISTEN doods/doodetts, you won't be disappointed... "A Tale of Two Cities" been on my mp3 player since it was released


Deal Real Recordings present DJ Acyde vs Mr.Hudson

Mixed by Acyde for The Most Influential



Classic Footage from Deal Real..
Kanye & Mos Def "Overnight Celebrity" Freestlye..
[Mos killed it]

2 years later & I notice Alexis is there with him (52 sec)


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