Saturday, May 10, 2008

3 Three 3 mix: N*E*R*D- She Wants To Move

g-g-g mix

New segment on the blog,where I give you something you [hopefully] haven't heard before..

3 remixes from tracks that don't need a remix.... but the remixes are straight fire, so i forgive.

Why 3?


This week, it's from everyones favorite "crossover" group N*E*R*D, with the new album coming.. had to take it back..

#1- Native Tongue Remix, ft. Common, Mos Def, De La Soul, Q-Tip
  1. This is the track that started Common's return.. imo.
  2. Common, Mos, Q-Tip & De La ..Backpackers worldwide creamed.. still are [prally]
#2 Justice Remix

Cobra snake favorites.. preety much what you would expect from the duo.

#3 DFA remix
Something just to mix it up.. are those cowbells i hear at the end..

Can never have enough cowbell



Enjoy the sun.. if you got exams [while you can]

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