Friday, May 23, 2008

Busta Rhymes @ indig02

I was little skeptical if there was going to be a crowd at this gig, 3 GOOD shows in one night

- Public Enemy playing the classic joint at Brixton
- Chris Rock at the 02 arena
[he's on some crazy ish right now.. it seems like he has 2 shows a month & might be breaking world records whilst at it.]
- AND Of course Busta..

So believe me i went there expecting an half-empty place.. contrary to my belief, place was packed out

& with 2 other perfectly good shows that weren't sold-out [to my knowledge]
Trev. should be proud..


Perfect Aim

Some didnt mind the random flashes from the camera..

others not so much

- RRRROAW RRRROAW like a dungeon dragon...too sick -
-Busta & Spliff doing the
Rolex Sweep.. yes it happened [evidence ]
got on Skepta's myspace.. BRAP BRAP!

-The Timeless classics.. especially this one.
-I am reminded that Busta is probably the Remix King, I come back home and see this..


Nonsense Happenings..
  • 1. Don't come to a Busta gig with fly shit and expect them to come out looking the same & try and get vexxed when your shit get fucked.. don't look at me.
  • 2.Don't come to a Busta gig, join a mosh-pit and when it got a bit too much try and bail out at the last minute.. [props to the girl that shamed any dood in that moshpit, part from me 'course!]
  • 3.RRRROAW RRRROAW like a DUNGEON DRAGON.. soz my ears still banging from the verse.. now my right ear is fucked.

We Made It Live..

After all that good ish.. i lose my Oyster card now someone who's easily the No.1 contender for wasteman of the galaxy, got a free train ride home, whilst i have to jump on train without ticket:

Meaning the mandatory po-po at Kings X during this time will get me, resulting in a huge fine, me going to jail and my mum coming back from a holiday in tears..

In fact, the police guy was surprisingly cool about it and asked why i didn't go to see P.E or Chris Rock, [at this moment my voice is so hoarse it sounds like am some crackhead or suthin'] apparently he saw C.R earlier in the yr. and it was hilarious.. so I get off with no fine or caution just a good ol'- Dont do it next time!

Maybe there's still hope for mankind?!

must slepppppp

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