Monday, May 26, 2008

"NO Seriously, GTFO!!!"

So back in the days, when i thought i could become a Youtube celebrities.. i decided to make a few videos.. some were shite.. some were really shite..

Ever since Youtube fell off.. [We got Google to thank for that]
I decided to jump ship and wait till i get a HD camera to do any more vids.

Anyways, when uploading some clips of the Busta show, i find out that theres an "Insight" feature where you can see everything about your video:
Where the viewers come from, Demographics, Popularity all that .. didn't think about using it.

Today, i decide to f' about on the PC since the weather was so great [/sarcasm]

Apparently, my video got searched so much that when you Google "new era cap" i am the 5th result to appear... 5th!! FIF! Thats crazy, imo

HENCE THE TITLE OF THIS POST.. plus its one of my fav. Ari Gold moments.

Now i wish i put more effort with the video & made it funny. :S

With nearly 50,000 people watching that shit.
99.9% of that traffic not appearing on to this blog :(

I might have to start doing some videos during the summer..


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Mikey McFly said...

Yea man, we NEED that blog traffic