Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"What Do I Know......"

the wait is actually killing me, currently my hair is falling out and i can't eat till i see the video..

Sadly, this is just a trailer for the upcoming video, which is quite nice.. i mean for the girl alone it's sick..

Its on the Rocafella site now, for some reason you can't embed videos from their site.. stoopid.

EDIT: Onsmash as always quick with the videos, have it on their site

I fail to believe this is the video, i reckon he's releasing more than one video.. or this is the trailer.
He even posted a picture of a scene on his blog, and this looks nothing like the video..

Update 2: If your wondering.. i know i was when i watched the video, the chick is called Rita...


patiently waiting NOT!

P.s- i just watched the worst jerry springer episode ever.. horrible actors, dangerously slow guys talking.. probably from the south or something 'cause there were so many awkward silences i thought the tv was fucking up.


Anonymous said...

My God!! (at the woman!!lol) Im sure you can wait for the vid, just keep watchin' that trailer, over and over and over!!lol

I agree with you though this may not be the vid he releases!

kool4eva [ironic no?] said...

word on the internets, this 1 of 3 videos to be released..

kinda weird you don't see any blood when shes bashing him with the shovel.